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Electric Hospital Beds - Premium Electric Hospital Bed - ToronCare 1061

Premium Electric Hospital Bed - ToronCare 1061

Standard configuration

  • Constant Height Head Ends: Fixed height head end enables quick end easy access to the patient' s head, neck and thorax.
  • Split Side Rails: The 4pcs PP side rails provide the patient with protection against falls.
  • Removable Mattress Platform: The Mattress platform is phenolic resin boards which can be easy removable and easy for sterilization. The mattress platform can do X-ray for back board and offer the patient' s more comfortable.
  • Central Nurse Control System: The nurse or supervisor can adjust all the positions and find the comfortable and proper positions for the patients.
  • Columns Motor System: Electric lifting units in two columns enable the mattress platform height adjustment and TR&ATR positions, which canalso ensure the bed' s stability.
  • Controls In The Side Rails: Controls in the side rails increase the patient' s independence so that the patients can operate it according to the self-requirement
  • H/F Boards Locks: The bed board locks prevent accidental removal of the bed boards when steering or handling the bed
  • X-Ray Cassette Holder: The holder' s special sliding construction allows the cassette to be comfortably inserted beneath the mattress platform from the side of the bed, and the position of X Ray Cassette is adjustable according to the stature of patients.
  • Manual/Electric CPR:The electric CPR is easy and convenience to operate that is one key control. And the manual CPR is equipped with damping device, which can let the back rest fall down slowly to ensure the safety of the patient when the power is off, the who process can be single hand operation.
  • Integrated X-RAY Casette Holder

    The patient' s condition is not compromised by being moved from the bed to special X-ray tables. There is also no uncomfortable lifting of the patient in order to place the X-ray cassette under the patient's back, The backrest of the bed is X-ray translucent and a holder for an X-ray cassette is fixed beneath it. The holder' s special sliding construction allows the cassette to be comfortably inserted under the mattress platform from the side of the bed.

    Siderail Control

    The control is located in the side rail so it is easily accessible to the patient and adjusts the bed to its basic positions.

    Supervisor Panel

    The Supervisor panel is ergonomically shaped and its clear graphic design is user-friendly. It contains a number of func-tions including 3-position memory — CPR, mobilising position, examination position.

    Hand Set

    The practical patient and nurse handset contains the basic bed positions including the backrest tilt and mattress platform height adjustment.

    Automatic compound Fallback System (Pressure ulcers protection)

    The 1061 Multifunction bed is equipped with the automatic compound fallback system which extends the space when positioning the bed in the pelvic and sacral area and significantly reduces pressure on the skin in this zone. At meantime this system will consequently reduces the risk of the formation of pressure ulcers.

  • Reducing pressure in the pelvic and sacral area when positioning the bed
  • Maintaining good lung ventilation
  • Reducing the risk of pressure ulcers in the area of the pelvis and shoulder lades
  • Patient comfort in all positions including the sitting position
  • Prevention of complication arising from pressure on the internal organs in the abdominal cavity
  • Ensuring constant head support
  • Areas mostly affected by extensive pressure and shearing forces

    Fall Protection

    The full-length side rails provide a protective barrier all around the mattress platform, this will prevent the falls of patients. With the help of bed extension and bed exit alarm system, potential falls will be liprevented.

    Pressure Ulcer Prevention

    The automatic compound fallback system reduces the pressure on the tissues in the pelvic area during positioning and minimizes friction between mattress and patient's skin on the back and shoulder blade area.

    Cardiopulmonary Support System

    The Cardiac Chair Position of this bed helps patients optimize lung ventilation and enhance heart function. Nosocomial pneumonia and atelectasis can bedetected in time by the use of the sophisticated in-bed X - ray lung examination. C-arm compatibility allows the performance of many interventions directly on the bed.

    Infection Control

    Cleansing of the bed' s surface is very easy and comprehensive due to the column design, flat and joint-free construction . The removable struc- ture of bed mattress platform is easy for clean and sterilization.

    Outer Dimensions
    Mattress Platform
    Cardio Position
    Electric and Manual
    Length Extension
    Auto. Compound Fall Back System
    Pressure Ulcer Prevention
    Back Section
    ≥ 70°
    Removable Mattress Platform for easy cleaning
    Infection Control
    Knee Section
    Trend./Reverse Trend.
    Safety Gaps according to IEC standards
    For Prevention of Entrapment
    One Key Chair Position
    Central Nurse Control
    Side Rail Height
    Side Rail controls
    Inside and Outside
    Working Load
    Bed Extension
    Central Brake Foot Pedal on Both Sides
    Head and Foot Boards removable with Locks
    Side Rails, Handset and Nurse Control
    X-Ray Cassette Holder
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