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Plastic Pulverizer Machin - PVC Pulverizer Machine for Plastic Recycling TT-PM500

PVC Pulverizer Machine for Plastic Recycling TT-PM500

This PVC Pulverizer Machine for Plastic Recycling TT-PM500 for Plastic Recycling is ideal for processing semi-rigid, brittle, and impact-resistant materials, creating powdered products.

Particles sized between 6 and 8 mm pass through a vibrating screen, entering a high-speed rotating sawtooth disc. This process yields a powder within the targeted 300-1000 micron range, with the final size adjusted by the disc spacing. Commonly used for shredding LDPE, HDPE, UPVC, PC, and various other plastic types.



This pulverizer is designed for pulverizing semi-rigid, brittle, and impact-resistant materials that need to be turned into powdered products. Particles ranging from 6 to 8 millimeters are fed through a vibrating screen into a rotating high-speed sawtooth disc to create a powder within the desired 300-1000 micron range. The final size is adjustable by changing the disc spacing. It's commonly utilized for shredding LDPE, HDPE, UPVC, PC, and various other types of plastics.


The TT-PM500 PVC Pulverizer Machine for Plastic Recycling are ultra-high output units that can be fitted with automatic temperature control. The material intended for pulverization is centrally fed between stationary and high-speed rotating pulverizing discs, which generate a centrifugal effect, enabling the material to traverse the processing zone and then be pneumatically discharged from the machine.


- Extended disc lifespan between regrinds.
- Quick and easy replacement and adjustment of discs.
- Reduced residence time resulting in low thermal stress on the processed material.
- High throughput capacity.
- Cost-effective operation.

Technical features

- Dosing channel/Vibratory feeder
- The channel width ranges from 100 to 250mm, and the storage container holds approximately 50 to 100 liters.
- Feeding is regulated and managed by the high-current controller that monitors the pulverizer motor, along with the mounting bracket and control device.

Pulverizer housing

- There's a disc pulverizer featuring a fixed and high-speed toothed disc with precision bearings.
- Material is introduced through the opening in the center of the fixed disc.
- Particle size depends on the surface structure of the teeth and the adjustable distance between the tooth discs. The clearance for cutting can be checked via the inspection hole in the housing, making external adjustments convenient using a feeler gauge. The device operates without a screen.
- The machine housing is constructed from fracture-resistant welded steel. The hinged housing door with a fixed toothed disc opens sideways for cleaning and toothed disc replacement.
- The grinding chamber is well-designed with a small cross-section and a flat, almost vertically positioned grinding disc.
- Upon entry into the grinding chamber, the material is immediately clamped and reduced.

Pulverizer discs

- Specially designed discs and high-speed peripheral operation ensure efficient impact reduction with low power demands.
- Pulverizer disc diameter: 500mm

Temperature control

The upgraded cooling system for automatic temperature control incorporates a water-spraying nozzle, regulating control devices, solenoid valves, thermostats, an automatic control unit, and a material feeding switch.

Drive and mounting frame

A flat steel structure is used to install the pulverizer and suction box. The drive motor includes a "V" belt drive and belt guard. The frame comes with pre-installed anti-vibration pads.

Safety devices

Integrated safety device prevents entry until the rotor is completely stationary.

Raw material
H-PVC-Profile ,H-PVC-Pine ,LDPE(MFI70) and etc.
Final product & capacity
250~500kg/h, depends on condition of client's material.
400~1000kg/h, depends on condition of client's material.
3×380V, 50Hz; control current 220V, 50Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
Profile- H-PVC
400-500 kg/h
Pipe- H-PVC
450-600 kg/h
250-300 kg/h
Rotor speed
5250 rmp
Disc diameter
500 mm
Tooth grooves
Drive motor
55 kw
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