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Circulator & Chiller - Recirculating Chiller TT-RC1200

Recirculating Chiller TT-RC1200

Recirculating Chiller TT-RC1200 uses a TECUMSEH compressor for efficient, quiet cooling. Using PID and EEV tech, our system ensures stability. Safety features include over-temperature protection and alarms for abnormal liquid levels. The LCD screen displays key operational data.

  • We use a TECUMSEH compressor for the cooling system to ensure efficiency and noise reduction.
  • Our cooling method employs PID temperature control technology, which differs from the traditional start-stop type. EEV technology enhances stability.
  • To safeguard against damage due to abnormal liquid temperatures, our refrigeration control system includes over-temperature protection and an automatic alarm function.
  • There's a water level observation window and an automatic detection device for low liquid levels, triggering an alarm when needed.
  • We've incorporated a water current detection device that automatically switches the internal cycle if the external cycle is closed or blocked.
  • Our high-performance circulating water pump ensures prolonged continuous operation, with excellent sealing to prevent leaks. The pump pressure can be adjusted from 0-1.5 bar using a rotary knob, and the pressure value is displayed.
  • The color LCD screen displays extensive running data and dynamic identifiers, making it easy to monitor operations.
  • Model
    Temperature control range
    Temperature control
    HOT gas by-gas and PID combined
    Temperature stability
    ±0.3 °C
    Temperature sensor
    Display resolution
    0.1 °C
    Pump flow rate
    Cooling capacity
    Pump Pressure
    0-1.5 bar, adjustable
    Pumping head
    Dimensions LxWxH
    21.65 inches x 15.75 inches x 25.59 inches.
    Power supply
    220 VAC ±10% 50Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
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