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High Precision ScopeX Gold and High Purity Gold Analyzer - ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High - Purity Gold

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High - purity Gold

Accurate Detection, the referee of quality and value

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold is a top-notch tool crafted specifically for 9999 gold showcases and the meticulous analysis of ultra-high purity gold.

One of our premier offerings, the ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold, features a sizable detector with remarkably sensitive analysis capabilities. Its range of collimators allows for the examination of even the tiniest samples, while its spacious sample chamber accommodates varying sample sizes.

With its state-of-the-art vertical optical path system, the ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold swiftly conducts non-destructive analyses, not only determining gold (Au) content but also detecting minute impurities like silver (Ag) and copper (Cu) with a limit of detection (LOD) of ≤ 10ppm. It fulfills analysis needs for gold ranging from 99.99% (9999 gold) to 99.999% (99999 gold). Its ultra-precise analysis, pinpointing impurities within 0.001% (10ppm), renders it the optimal choice for 9999Au showcases and ultra-high purity gold analysis.

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold
ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold

Raw material analysis in jewelry factory

The precious metal XRF analyzer serves as a vital tool in jewelry factories, enabling accurate analysis of precious metal compositions in both incoming and recycled materials. For incoming materials, it verifies if they meet specific production standards.

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold

QC in jewelry factory

The precious metal analyzer can monitor the metal components of raw materials and semi-finished products at all stages of jewelry manufacturing, ensuring the accuracy of alloy ratios. For example, it can swiftly analyze the purity of metals like gold, silver, and platinum during the smelting process, facilitating adjustments to smelting parameters to achieve the desired alloy ratio.

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold

QC/Product inspection in jewelry factory

Precious metal analyzer can be used to test precious metal composition during quality control and finished product inspection process, in order to insure the fineness and purity satisfy certain standards. For example, to analyze 18K, 24K, platinum and other jewelries precisely, ensuring the consistency of product labels and actual compositions.

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold

Precious metal analysis in gold shop / jewelry showroom

The precious metal analyzer is primarily utilized for jewelry quality assessment and trade-in services at gold shops and jewelry showrooms.
For Quality Assurance (QA), it ensures that gold, silver, platinum, and other jewelry for sale meet standard purity requirements.
In Trade-in services, the precious metal analyzer swiftly and accurately assesses the purity and value of old jewelry when customers seek to exchange for new pieces.
In Recycling services, for old gold jewelry or other precious metal items that customers wish to sell, the precious metal analyzer offers instant purity analysis, aiding in the fair evaluation of recycling value.

ScopeX G59 Precious Metal Analyzer for 9999 Gold/High-purity Gold

Other applications

Gold purities of 99.99% (9999 gold) and 99.999% (99999 gold) aren't just prized in the jewelry sector; they're also pivotal in critical industries like electronics, semiconductors, aerospace, and scientific research. The Precious Metal XRF Analyzer, known for its precision, is extensively used to verify compositions align with the stringent industry benchmarks of 9999 gold or 99999 gold.

High-precision testing

XRF test results can offer precision to decimal points, furnishing dependable purity and composition data with an accuracy of up to 0.001% (99999 gold).

Friendly software interface

It comes equipped with a user-friendly software interface, enabling users to perform detections effortlessly, even without a professional background.

Equipped with Bluetooth printer

A Bluetooth printer is included for wireless printing convenience. Users simply need to click the 'Print' button to swiftly acquire reports and data.

A/S service

We offer a 24/7 hotline for quick and professional assistance, ensuring customers have a worry-free experience.

Fast analysis

Compared to traditional chemical analysis methods, the precious metal analyzer delivers results within seconds, significantly enhancing efficiency. It's particularly well-suited for business environments where quick decision-making is essential.


In addition to analyzing the composition and purity of metals, it can also identify plating or other impurities beneath the metal surface. This capability is particularly crucial for detecting counterfeit or coated precious metals.

Accurate and reliable quantitative method

XRF analysis software integrates curve calibration method, fundamental parameter method (FP method), and other analysis techniques to ensure the accuracy of test data comprehensively.

Sample chamber size
Detection range
Multi languages including English
Ultra-large area SDD detector with bringing excellent counting rate and energy resolution
Optical structure
Tube window
Beryllium window
0.5mm/1.0mm/2.0mm/3.0mm are switchable for users to flexibly choose according to analysis requirements and sample characteristics, ensuring the best XRF performance.
Automatic switchable multi-filter can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of analysis, better adapting to different analysis scenarios, providing users with more accurate and reliable results.
±0.001%(99999 gold)
Computer parameter
I5 quad core
Data printing
Bluetooth printer
ScopeX G59 adopts curve calibration method and fundamental parameter(FP) method to remove background difference, reduce error and improve test accuracy.
One-click test button
5 megapixel HD CMOS color camera
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