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XRF And XRD Analyzers - ScopeX RoHS Analyzer

ScopeX RoHS Analyzer

The ScopeX RoHS Analyzer is an all-in-one X-ray fluorescence analyzer built for screening and analyzing hazardous elements in compliance with RoHS/ELV regulations. 

With a smart vacuum system, ScopeX RoHS Analyzer uses low-energy X-rays to trigger light elements and identify halogen-free hazardous substances. It's adept at analyzing all elements and RoHS compliance. Offering high precision analysis, a broad range of analyzable elements, and quick and straightforward testing, it delivers reliable and accurate results that meet international standards.

RoHS Analyzer


Does not damage or affect the performance of the tested object

Multiple test environments

Vacuum mode, air mode, helium mode a variety of environmental modes, to meet the test of different samples

RoHS Analyzer

Products controlled by RoHS directive

Large household appliances, small household appliances, information technology and communication equipment, power tools, toys, and other equipment.

RoHS Analyzer

Halogen-free products controlled by the directive

Products made with raw materials containing flame retardants containing chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), and other elements.

RoHS Analyzer

Screening and analysis of ELV instructions

The structural analysis of various mechanical parts and the detection of coating thickness and adhesion of chemically synthesized outer films.

High sensitivity

The powerful and efficient X-ray tube, paired with a high-performance Si-PIN detector, achieves remarkably low detection limits, swiftly and precisely identifying trace amounts of harmful substances. With just one instrument, sample compliance monitoring can be efficiently and effectively accomplished, ensuring high-quality results.

Accurate and reliable

Utilizing XRF analysis software alongside methods like the experience coefficient method and fundamental parameter method (FP), ensures the accurate performance of test data, guaranteeing reliable results.

Screening of hazardous substances

ScopeX RoHS Analyzer offers screening and analysis of hazardous metals restricted by environmental regulations such as RoHS/ELV. It also conducts halogen-free analysis with standard halogen detection capability. Additionally, customization for detecting more elements is available as needed.

Range of element
Sample room size
Maximum sample weight
Cover open
Mainframe size
X-ray tube
High power side window X-ray tube
Up to 50kV
Maximum 1mA
Cooling method
Air cooling
Sample Observation
5 megapixel HD industrial camera
is I3-7100 with the same main frequency or above
DDR4 4 GB memory or above
1TB HDD or 256GB SSD or above
Windows 10
Temperature conditions
Relative humidity
40%-70% No condensation
Power supply
220VAC (110V also available)
Rated power
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