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Biofuels Testing Equipment - Smoke Point Apparatus for Kerosene

Smoke Point Apparatus for Kerosene

Smoke Point Apparatus for Kerosene TT-1322

Smoke Point Apparatus for Kerosene TT-1322 complies with the ASTM D1322 Standard Test Method for Smoke Point of Kerosene. 

Smoke Point Apparatus for Kerosene TT-1322 offers insight into the relative smoke-producing properties of kerosene in a diffusion flame. The smoke point is linked to the hydrocarbon composition of these fuels, with generally more aromatic fuels producing smokier flames. A high smoke point indicates a fuel with a lower tendency to produce smoke.

1. The instrument comprises a bottom case, oil conservator stand, oil conservator, terrace, wick pipeline, ruler, and smoke flue.

2. The oil conservator consists of a wick tube and an air tube. The wick tube is securely fastened within the oil conservator, which is then installed in the smoke point lamp.

3. The stroke adjustment range of the oil conservator lifting device is 0 to 10mm, providing convenient and flexible operation.

4. The bottom case consists of a wick pipeline and a ruler. The ruler has a measuring range of 0 to 50mm, facilitating easy observation.

5. Designed with safety, reliability, and an appealing appearance.

1. Testing Range: 0 to 50mm

2. Oil Reservoir: 25ml

3. Oil Reservoir Rising and Falling Device: 0 to 10mm

4. Ambient Requirements: Temperature: 20°C to 30°C; Humidity ≤80%

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