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Disc Mills - Soil Mill DP50

Soil Mill DP50

Feed size:<2mm

Final fineness:<75 µm (95%)

Speed:800 rpm

The Soil Mill DP50 is a precision grinding tool. Unlike other vertical disc mills on the market, its discs are arranged horizontally, allowing for rapid size reduction to under 75 microns for moderately hard and brittle samples. The reduction process occurs between a stationary mill disc and a moving mill disc. Its ease of use, efficient milling, and minimal residue in the mill chamber make the DP50 an excellent option for conducting large-scale environmental soil tests.

Soil, building materials, nuclear ore, cement, concrete, cinder, coke, glass, porcelain, minerals, refractory clay, granite, and monohydrallite, among others.

Soil Mill

Working Principle

The comminution effects occur due to the pressure and friction forces created when a moving disc rotates against a fixed disc located just below it. The sample enters the mill chamber from the center of the discs, where it undergoes initial crushing. Subsequently, it is propelled to the outer regions of the mill discs by centrifugal force for further grinding. After the milling process, the reduced particles drop into a collecting pan located around the outer edges of the milling discs, ensuring that the milling discs remain clean and the sample is collected efficiently.

Soil Mill DP50 Component

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  • Achieve consistent grinding results by finely adjusting the gap width between the discs.
  • Perform both preliminary and fine grinding as needed.
  • Easy-to-clean mill chamber with a hinge design.
  • Extended lifespan of milling discs.
  • Use discs made from various materials for contamination-free grinding.
  • Incorporate a dust-proof design for added protection.
  • Feed size
    Final fineness
    <75 µm (95%)
    800 rpm
    Collecting pan volume
    Grinding gap width adjust range
    Grinding sets material
    Hardened steel, agate, zirconium oxide, sintered aluminum, tungsten carbide
    Rated power
    Power supply
    220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
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