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Crude Oil Testing Equipment - Sulfur Lamp Method Unit

Sulfur Lamp Method Unit

Sulfur Lamp Method Unit TT-1266

Sulfur Lamp Method Unit TT-1266m Method Unit aligns with the ASTM D1266 Standard Test Method for Sulfur in Petroleum Products (Lamp Method). This apparatus facilitates the determination of total sulfur content.

The TT-1266 model includes 5 flasks, while the TT-1266A model comes with 7 flasks for increased testing capacity.

1. The apparatus features a unified structure and is equipped with both 5-tube and 7-tube devices, enhancing working efficiency.

2. The glassware stand incorporates organic glass panels, ensuring safety and reliability.

3. High-quality lamps and needle valves are utilized in the apparatus.

4. Stainless steel pipelines and standard glass beads are used in the construction of the apparatus.

5. The burning lamp pedestal is outfitted with a lift-adjusting device, facilitating easy adjustment.

6. A suction pump, characterized by its small size and low noise, is integrated into the apparatus.

7. It offers easy operation, with a rational construction and an attractive appearance.

1. Rated Voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz (110V also available)

2. Glassware Components: 5 tubes (7 tubes)

3. Suction Pump: 220V 60W

4. Ambient Requirements: Temperature: 10~40°C; Humidity not exceeding 85%

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