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Thin Film Oven

Thin Film Oven TT-1754

Thin Film Oven TT-1754 is engineered to meet the specifications outlined in the ASTM D1754 Standard Test Method for Effects of Heat and Air on Asphaltic Materials (Thin-Film Oven Test). 

This oven serves to approximate the changes in properties of asphalt during conventional hot-mixing at approximately 150℃, as indicated by viscosity, penetration, or ductility measurements. It produces a residue that closely resembles the asphalt's condition when integrated into pavement. Significant deviations in mixing temperature from the 150℃ level may lead to varying effects on properties.

1. Incorporates a thermal insulation layer and duct between the studio and box shell.
2. Ensures stable and accurate temperature control.
3. Insulated with aluminum silicate cotton for enhanced insulation.
4. Equipped with a dedicated air machine to supply the required airflow during the test.
5. Utilizes an advanced ASIC chip and manufacturing technology for the temperature sensor of the heating device, ensuring perfect performance.

1. Heating power: 2KW
2. Working temperature: 163℃
3. Temperature accuracy: ±1℃
4. Thermometer range: 155~170℃, resolution: 0.5℃
5. Wheel speed: 5.5±1rpm
6. Studio size: 420*450*350
7. External dimensions: 820*540*600
8. Rated voltage: 220V±5%, 50Hz (110V also available)

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