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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Timken Load Tester

Timken Load Tester

Timken Load Tester TT-2509

Timken Load Tester TT-2509 is widely acknowledged for assessing the load carrying capacity of extreme pressure lubricants. 

This tester evaluates fluid lubricants and greases that contain extreme-pressure additives. It adheres to the ASTM D2509-93 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Load-Carrying Capacity of Lubricating Grease (Timken Method) and ASTM D2782-94 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Timken Method).

Working conditions

1. Operating conditions: Room temperature between 10-35°C, with relative humidity not exceeding 80%.

2. Environmental requirements: Ensure no vibration, corrosive media, or strong magnetic field interference in the surrounding environment.

3. Power supply stability: The fluctuation range of the supply voltage should not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage.

4. Installation: Horizontally install the equipment on a solid base.

Technical parameters

1. Max. test force: 5000N

2. Accuracy for test force: ±1%

3. Max. friction force: 300N

4. Accuracy for friction force: ±2%

5. Spindle speed range: 100~3000r/min

6. Spindle speed error: ±2%

7. Spindle speed display range: 0-9999999

8. Time display range: 0~9999s or min

9. Test temperature: Ambient~300℃

10. Temperature control accuracy: ±2%

11. Dimension: 1000*700*1470mm

12. Weight: 700kg

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