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Torontech Advances Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling with Cutting-Edge Tech

Thanks to its worldwide and long-term experience in plastic recycling machinery, Torontech has developed globally recognized, advanced equipment used in treating the most difficult plastic materials in the recycling process.

Torontech’s philosophy is to customize recycling technology and to engineer efficient and flexible plastic recycling plants.

We operate in many different areas of plastic recycling:

Recycling of PET bottles: Certainly, the main component of recycling market, recycled PET has many different applications, according to the quality of the collected PET. 

Recycling of HDPE and PP: Recycling of HDPE and PP is becoming more and more important, representing an important share of the global market. 

Recycling process of Thermoforms: This is one the most developing field of the plastic recycling market, due to the growing quantity of thermoforms wastes. 

Recycling of plastic film: Plastic film is available in large quantity: for this reason, it is, along with PET bottles, one of the main sources of income of the market.

Dry cleaning of plastic: Torontech has been able to deeply innovate the process of properly cleaning plastic from different contaminants – thanks to its patent-pending dry centrifuge. 

Turnkey plastic recycling machines solutions and customer care approach

Torontech can supply its plastic recycling machines as a turnkey service including:

  • Engineering and layout drawings to fit the customer’s facility
  • All machines and connective piping
  • Electrical connection design (cabling offered as option)
  • PLC control system
  • Utility connection drawings
  • Start up support and operator training (installation and project management training on request).

Do you want to experience our plastics recycling machines in action? Please contact our team of experts at Torontech:

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