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Torontech Desk Sputter Coater – Ideal Equipment for Preparing Scanning Electron Microscopy Samples

Desk Sputter Coater

A sputter coater is used to cast a thin film of noble metal, such as gold, silver, palladium or platinum on a sample material that is non-conductive or poorly conductive. This coating is a prerequisite for observation of the sample in a scanning electron microscope. Torontech supplies a state of the art Desk Sputter Coater – TT-DSR for uniform coating with a fine grain size.

The Torontech Desk Sputter Coater has many advanced features like the high precision quartz crystal thickness monitoring system. The rate of sputtering can be controlled to achieve a very fine grain structure and the vacuum pressure is also precision controlled through a metering valve. Temperature control of the cathode is automatic along with the power of sputtering regardless of changes in pressure. The sample is protected against heating during the sputtering process.

The TT-DSR has a powerful user interface with touch screen for ease of access. Graphs can be drawn of the sputtering parameters e.g. pressure, thickness and current. A USB port enables easy transfer of information to a PC and allows for easy software updates.

Torontech’s Desk Sputter Coater – TT-DSR is the ideal equipment for the preparation of scanning electron microscopy samples in a wide variety of applications.

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