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Torontech is Pleased to Introduce Its New Series of Compression and Flexure Testing Machines for Concrete and Cement

High Capacity Four Column Automatic Concrete Compression Testing Machines

To determine the strength of materials such as concrete and cement, manufacturers use compression and flexure tests on material samples. To help companies conduct low-cost and accurate tests, Torontech has released a new series of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic Compression and Flexure Testing Machines for concrete and cement.

The cost-effective Manual Compression Testing Machines are designed to perform reliable tests on both concrete and cement by creating a simple, precise design that incorporates the innovative manual power pack. These models are especially suitable for on-site applications when electric power supply is unavailable (see Manual Concrete and Manual Cement).

For concrete testing, Torontech’s Semi-Automatic and Automatic Concrete Compression Testing Machines are designed for reliable and consistent testing of a wide range of specimens, with a capacity compression range of 600 KN and 1500 KN. Exceeding the ASTM C-39 standard provisions, the unique performance of these machines enables a considerable number of industrial applications including early-age compression strength tests and core-with-low-diameter compression tests (for more information, please click here).

For cement testing, Torontech’s Semi-Automatic and Automatic Cement Compression and Flexural Testing Machines are controlled by a pressure rate control valve, designed to supply the required amount of oil to the load frames. These machines are equipped with a rapid approach pump and a power pack that can load different frames with required pace rates, and a safety valve (maximum pressure valve) is used to avoid machine overloading (for more information, please click here).

Meeting multiple industry standards within ENASTMAASHTOBS, and ISO, Torontech’s Compression and Flexure Testing Machines have established a new state-of-the-art for concrete and cement testing, and can be used in a wide range of industries.

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