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Torontech Supplies Another of Its High-Quality Densimeters to the Multinational Company Vesuvius

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When determining the properties of newly created alloys, precious metals, or more common materials such as plastic, rubber, and ceramics, researchers and engineers around the world use densimeters. These sophisticated tools can determine the specific gravity of virtually any sample, including those with complex or irregular properties.

Torontech’s series of TTDM 300 Densimeters offers a range of compact, durable designs and user-friendly interfaces. Torontech recently delivered a Densimeter to Vesuvius, a global company with operations that encompass foundry technologies, steel flow control, and advanced refractories.

This is the fourth TTDM 300 Densimeter that the company has sourced from Torontech to equip several divisions in different countries, establishing an unmatched standard of reliability and precision in its top-of-the-line facilities.

Vesuvius prides itself on creating products that allow their customers to increase the efficiency and quality of their operations. With the aid of Torontech’s densimeters, Vesuvius will be able to provide their customers with the capacity and flexibility required to respond to market demands, ensuring that they are using only the best quality materials.

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