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Torontech’s Low-Temperature Impact Testing Chamber Helps Steel Stay Resilient in Cold Outdoor Temper

To assess whether industrial steel products can withstand sub-zero temperatures, companies use Low-Temperature Impact Testing Chambers to subject specimens to uniform cooling and constant temperatures, allowing technicians to simulate the impact of cold outdoor conditions.

Developed according to strict requirements for performing notch impact tests on metal, Torontech’s Low-Temperature Impact Testing Chamber performs overlapping compressor refrigeration and cycle stirring procedures that provide manufacturers with the information they need to create reliable steel products.

Torontech recently delivered a Low-Temperature Impact Testing Chamber to a rapidly growing North American steel company, which will expand their capacity to supply high-quality steel for building short- and long-span bridges, overpasses, and skywalks.

Attaining temperatures as low as -100ºC, this testing process will provide this company with the opportunity achieve new standards of excellence, improving the quality of their product offerings that include steel beams, plates, and rebar.

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