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Hospital Stretcher - Medical Stretcher - Transfer Stretcher - ToronCare 1120

Transfer Stretcher - ToronCare 1120

  • Manual connecting Transfer Stretcher, can be used to defend cross-infection.
  • Cart A is inside the operation room while Cart B is outside the operating room, both carts are connected by adjusting them to the same height and then pushing Cart B to Cart A, following the orbit part C which can be pushed from one cart to another and vice versa.
  • Patient on the mattress can be moved parallel to another bed or flat table by rotating the crank handle on part C.
  • Rotary rollover protective railing, insulation bed board.
  • Standard Accessories (Included):

  • I.V Pole
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    Cart A & B connected (LxW)
    3880x640mm (152.7x25.2 in)
    Height adjustment (Bed board to ground)
    940-690mm (37.0-27.2 in)
    Horizontal move range
    400mm (15.7 in)
    Size of mattress on C (LxW)
    1880x555mm (74.0x21.8 in)
    Net Weight
    151 Kg (333 lbs)
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