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Industrial Testing Machines - TRI - Cylinder Bend Testing Machine

TRI - Cylinder Bend Testing Machine

Standrads: ASTM E290, ASTM E190,ISO 7438 , JIS Z2248, AWS B4.0, API 5L & GB T232

Our TT-TCBT-300 TRI-Cylinder Bend Testing Machine with 3 Positions is specially used for bending of test of metal – stick materials, plank materials, building screw thread steel. 

The machine adopts the hydraulic – loading, to adjust the distance of cold and bending press roll with hand wheel to drive screw rod of both directions in this way to make the cold and bending press roll advance and retreat. Cold and bending press roller of insert type makes the grips more healthy.

Driving method
Vertical Load capacity
Horizontal Load capacity
Overload protection
125%Load capacity (Guarantee)
Bending support distance
10 ~ 250mm
Bending support width
Vertical cylinder stroke
Horizontal cylinder stroke
Overall dimensions
Bar diameters
φ5.5 ~ φ55 mm
Maximum bending angle
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