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Handheld Precious Metal Analyzer TrueX Family - TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High - quality Recycling

TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High - quality Recycling

The TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling, stands as an efficient and portable tool tailored for the precious metal recycling and reprocessing sector. Offering non-destructive analysis of element concentrations within precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, alloy metals, and gold-plating samples, it offers several advantages. These include portability, eliminating the need for sample preparation, non-destructive testing, rapid speed, stability, high accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

In the realm of the precious metal recycling industry, the TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling for High-quality Recycling plays a pivotal role. Its superb portability enables recyclers to conduct on-site analyses, obviating the necessity to dispatch samples to laboratories. This not only saves time and transportation expenses but also significantly enhances work efficiency. By furnishing precise composition analyses, it enables recyclers to swiftly assess material worth, refine sorting and pricing strategies, and bolster market competitiveness.

TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling
TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling

Recycling material analysis in gold refiner / jewelry factory

The gold analyzer serves as the cornerstone equipment to ensure the quality of recycled material in gold refineries and jewelry factories. It swiftly and accurately analyzes the purity and composition of recycled gold, aiding refineries in efficiently evaluating raw material value and refining processes optimization. Furthermore, the high accuracy of the XRF gold analyzer contributes to reduced environmental pollution while enhancing productivity and product quality. For jewelry factories, the XRF precious metal analyzer ensures precise ratios of recycled materials, guaranteeing the fineness and quality of jewelry.

TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling

Trade-in or recycling tests in gold shop / jewelry showroom

The gold analyzer stands as an indispensable tool for trade-in or recycling services in gold shops and jewelry showrooms. It delivers precise purity and composition analysis, ensuring the fairness and transparency of transactions.

TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling

Evaluation of the pawn value of precious metals and jewelry in pawnshop

Pawnshops require accurate assessment of the purity, composition, and value of precious metals and jewelry to uphold fairness and safety in trading. The gold analyzer swiftly identifies the authenticity and purity of gold, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals, facilitating the evaluation of precious metals and jewelry. This helps avoid economic losses resulting from miscalculations and reduces the risk of adulteration and counterfeit items.

TrueX G5 Gold Analyzer for High-quality Recycling

Other precious metal recycling composition analysis

Various recycling channels, including banks, individuals, and small recyclers, require accurate composition analysis technology to ensure the recycling quality of precious metal products such as gold and gold-plated electronic waste.

High accuracy

XRF technology delivers dependable purity and composition data with an accuracy of up to 0.03% (999 gold).

Fast analysis

In contrast to traditional chemical methods, the XRF precious metal analyzer delivers results within seconds, significantly enhancing efficiency.

Non-destructive analysis

Without requiring pre-processing of samples, conducting non-destructive analysis of precious metals is simple, convenient, and fast.

Light and small

Lightweight and easy to carry, designed for on-site analysis.

One-click intelligent operation

The entire analysis process can be completed in just a few seconds. The operation is straightforward and can be easily mastered by non-technical personnel.

Equipped with Bluetooth printer

A Bluetooth printer is equipped for wireless printing. Users simply need to click the 'Print' button to swiftly obtain reports and data.

A/S service

A 24/7 hotline ensures quick and professional responses, guaranteeing customers a worry-free experience.

1.5KG(without battery)
Detection range
Multi languages including English
Si-Pin detector
Optical structure
Tube window
Beryllium(Be) window
Equipped with 1.5mm collimator to reduce background noise, improve resolution and accuracy.
±0.03%(999 gold)
Built-in computer
Display system
4.3-inch industrial-grade resistance touch screen
Automatic display brightness adjustment according to environment
Computer parameter
I. MX 6 Quad, quad-core Cortex-A9 processor
Data printing
Bluetooth printer
TrueX G5 adopts curve calibration method and fundamental parameter(FP) method to remove background difference, reduce error and improve test accuracy.
One-click test button
Built-in camera provides intuitive sample positioning and image recording function, ensuring accurate X-ray irradiation and operation.
Data transmission
Built-in 32G system memory, USB, Bluetooth
Power supply
Standard 2 MSBUS intelligent batteries
A single battery can work for about 8 hours. State of charge(SOC)can be directly checked in the battery.
Compliance with the transport regulations of dangerous goods by air
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