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Microwave Digestion - Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation MASTER

Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation MASTER

The Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation MASTER cavity offers a range of digestion rotors, catering to varied experiment needs: a 16-vessel independent frame-type high-pressure rotor.

An 18-vessel integrated ultrahigh-pressure carousel rotor, a 40/100-vessel ultrahigh-throughput carousel rotor, and a 16-200ml-vessel large capacity carousel rotor. These support diverse applications of Microwave Digestion. Additionally, core technologies like airplane Xtra Fiber outer vessel, patented quantitative Safety Bolt, UTH-Caro high-throughput carousel, unique piezoelectric crystal pressure measurement, and Uni-Turn continuous rotation technology enhance the system's capabilities for efficient Microwave Digestion processes.

The Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation MASTER cavity supports multiple digestion rotors, accommodating various experiment needs: a 16-vessel independent frame-type high-pressure rotor, an 18-vessel carousel integrated ultrahigh-pressure digestion rotor, a 40/100-vessel ultrahigh-throughput carousel rotor, and a 16-200ml-vessel carousel large capacity rotor, among others. Complemented by core technologies like airplane Xtra Fiber digestion outer vessel, quantitative Safety Bolt design, UTH-Caro high-throughput carousel design, unique piezoelectric crystal pressure measuring technology, and Uni-Turn continuous rotation technology for digestion rotors, this system caters to diverse application requirements.

The increasing demand for rapid and efficient microwave sample preparation instruments, especially with the rise of analytical instruments such as Mass Spectrometers, calls for high productivity. However, current high-throughput microwave digestion products in the market often rely on spring structures, resulting in low pressure tolerance, susceptibility to leaks, uneven heating, and challenging operation. The MASTER closed microwave digestion system addresses these issues, showcasing unique characteristics driven by innovative technologies.

1. High-strength alloy carousel: higher pressure and better digestion performance.

The high-throughput vessel, linked by a high-tensile alloy draw bar, can withstand significant pressure (≥10000Kg). Each digestion vessel receives robust support from the vessel frame at its top and bottom, ensuring no deformation or leakage under pressures of ≤4MPa and temperatures of ≤250℃. In comparison, similar products from other vendors typically handle temperatures up to a maximum of 210℃.

2. UTH-Caro design makes the carousel stir the microwave, guarantee samples digested evenly

The high-throughput vessel frame works to even out the microwave field within the chamber by turning and stirring the frame vessel. As a result, up to 100 high-throughput vessels can be uniformly heated in the microwave field.

3. Safety Bolt: safer, more accuracy in result and higher recycling rate.

The Quantified Safety Bolt design ensures complete closure of samples and activates controlled pressure relief in case of overpressure. This Safety Bolt unit, replacing safety membranes and other consumables, securely seals the digestion vessel under normal conditions, preventing the loss of volatile elements and ensuring thorough digestion. If pressure becomes dangerously high, the Safety Bolt automatically releases pressure vertically, safeguarding operational integrity. This system requires no frequent replacement under normal use and allows easy venting by opening the cover post-digestion.

However, comparable products in the market might withstand lower pressure and temperature. Their non-metal covers might not recover after deformation, losing flexibility and sealing function after multiple uses. Consequently, samples inside these vessels might diminish or dry out, leading to a reduced recovery rate.

4. Uni-Turn technology, increased homogeneity and reliability.

The entire set of digestion vessels was engineered for continuous rotation in a single direction, departing from the traditional back and forth 360° rotation. This design prevents uneven heating of vessels and minimizes strain on the turntable motor, prolonging its lifespan. Additionally, the short temperature and pressure cables are free from twisting during operation and can be easily disassembled.

5. 15 minutes fast cooling

Due to the high thermal conductivity of the composite Xtra Fiber outer vessel and an efficient exhaust system, the temperature can cool from 200°C to 60°C in just 15 minutes, significantly expediting processing speed.

6. Easy operation with innovative tools

Various convenient operational tools alleviate the workload for operators and enhance preparation efficiency. For instance, consider the flexible trolley, which assists experiment personnel in effortlessly placing a fully loaded high-throughput rotary table (weighing 15-20kg) into and out of the chamber. This process prevents direct contact with high-temperature and high-pressure digestion vessels, eliminating the risk of injury from acid mist and ensuring operational safety. Additionally, an electric tool with a fixed torque facilitates swift, simple, and complete operation of the high-throughput digestion vessel.

1. Explosion-proof outer vessel made of composite Xtra Fiber, better than those similar products on the market.

The composite Xtra Fiber material is lightweight, thin, and exhibits superior hardness and rigidity compared to metal. Its pressure and corrosion resistance far exceed that of a PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone) outer vessel. Enhancing corrosion resistance by completely encapsulating the composite fibers. Furthermore, this high-tensile, indestructible composite material can withstand pressures of up to 10000psi and temperatures ranging from 500-600°C.

2. Advanced and reliable pressure measuring technology by piezoelectric crystal.

Presently, most vendors utilize air-pipes for transmitting, measuring, and controlling vessel pressure. However, these air-pipes tend to be overly long, typically spanning 400-600mm. Consequently, the digestion turntable must rotate extensively in a 360-degree motion to prevent air-pipe entanglement. This setup can lead to issues like sample contamination in the main vessel and susceptibility to air-pipe breakage due to high pressure.

After extensive research and development, a reliable pressure measuring technology utilizing piezoelectric crystal has been developed. This technology accurately measures and controls pressures up to 12 MPa. The measuring and control cables are notably shorter, around 120-140mm, eliminating issues like twisting, sealing joint problems, or leakage. This streamlined approach simplifies operation and offers a key advantage by completely isolating the measuring and control components from the sample, preventing any risk of cross-contamination.

Integration of synchronous rotation technology for temperature-pressure devices and digestion vessels with the rotary table in a single direction, along with patented junction box technology, enables constant one-direction rotation of the turntable plate. The pressure control system, as a standard configuration, provides higher reliability compared to units equipped solely with temperature monitoring. 

The piezoelectric crystal is mounted on the bottom or top of the vessel frame, resembling an electronic balance, and transmits pressure parameters through electrical signals.

3. The temperature inside the digestion vessel can be controlled by the combination of precise measure of temperature inside master vessel and IR temperature scanning

Accurate temperature measurement and control within the master vessel, utilizing Pt or optical fiber, is integrated with IR temperature scanning. The computer can automatically recognize the master vessel and provide real-time temperature comparisons with the standard vessel. This approach ensures greater precision and reliability compared to solely relying on IR temperature measurements.

4. High throughput rotor with optional strong magnetic stirring function specially for extraction or synthesis

The ultra-high pressure and high-temperature 18-vessel digestion vessel and carousel can operate at 6MPa and 260℃, ideal for digesting insoluble samples or performing closed microwave synthesis under extreme conditions. This configuration also includes a powerful magnetic stirring function.

5. 200ml vessels for large volume sampling.

The LV-200 carousel, equipped with 16 vessels of 200ml each, enables simultaneous reactions, accommodating sample sizes of 1-2 grams. Utilizing magnetic stirring ensures faster and more thorough sample digestion. The patented innovative Safety Bolt design ensures both safety and complete digestion, meeting the needs for large-sample digestion.

6. Wireless remote visual monitoring system make reaction be clear at a glance.

The innovative remote wireless video monitoring system enables clear visibility of the digestion process. Using mobile phones and tablets allows for observation and monitoring of the reaction, enhancing safety and convenience in operation.

7. 100-vessel ultrahigh throughput closed microwave digestion vessel and carousel breakthrough products for the industry

In response to advancements in analytical instruments, there's a demand for decreased detection limits, sample volume, acid usage, and blank interference, but an increase in the number of samples to be processed. Thus, the trend in microwave digestion technology favors small volume, strong pressure resistance, and excellent batch processing capabilities. Following the introduction of the initial 40-vessel microwave digestion device, the National Research Centre of Geoanalysis led to the development of MASTER-100. This product, featuring a unique UTH-Caro design based on previous high-throughput technologies, has gained popularity in geological, food, sanitary inspection, and environmental industries. The 100-vessel digestion carousel offers three volume options (15ml, 30ml, and 50ml) and can be customized based on specific user requirements.

8.One for All

This Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation MASTER series product accommodates various digestion vessel sets, meeting diverse needs across industries and applications. Users have flexibility in utilizing different quantities of vessels and rotors with varying temperature/pressure capacities and volumes. For regular digestion, options include the 16-vessel independent frame-type high-pressure rotor and the 40-vessel ultrahigh-throughput carousel. For specialized digestion needs, there are choices like the 18-vessel ultrahigh-pressure carousel, 100-vessel ultrahigh-throughput carousel, and the 16-vessel 200ml large-volume carousel.

9. Industrial chamber structure, safer operation.

The robust industrial-grade chamber design bolsters its impact resistance, while a multi-layer chemical-resistant coating significantly enhances system longevity and safety. An auto-pop structure in the pop-up cushioning explosion-proof sliding chamber door establishes a passive safety measure, automatically disabling microwave power upon an explosion. Additionally, an efficient exhaust system ensures rapid and safe forced air cooling, reducing the temperature from 200°C to 60°C in just 15 minutes, enhancing operational efficiency.

10. The complete digestion database

The comprehensive digestion database holds over 1000 verified methods referenced in various international standards, industrial norms, and pharmacopeias. A high-definition LED display offers real-time visibility of reaction parameters and curve changes across different interfaces, enabling easy modification of reaction settings and saving of digestion solutions based on their types.

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