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LPG Testing Equipment - Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester

Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester

Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester TT-5453

Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester TT-5453 uses the advanced ultraviolet fluorescence method to determine the total sulfur content in various gases, liquids, solid oils, and chemical products. 

Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester  TT-5453 features high sensitivity, stable performance, a low detection limit, accurate test results, and good repeatability. It complies with ASTM D5453.

1. We use the most advanced ultraviolet lamp and other critical components to ensure high sensitivity and reliability.

2. Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester TT-5453 equipped with an imported American Nafion pipe membrane dryer for effective water removal, ensuring the stability of the apparatus.

3. The Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Tester TT-5453 can establish and store working curves, allowing users to analyze specimens without needing to re-establish the curves.

4. By selecting the appropriate gas or solid sample injector, the apparatus can analyze gas, liquid, and solid samples to accommodate various tests.

5. Windows interface for convenient operation.

1. Specimen Types: Liquid, solid, and gas specimens

2. Measurement Method: Ultraviolet fluorescence

3. Specimen Sample Size:
- Solid sample size: 1~20 mg
- Liquid sample size: 1~30 μL
- Gas sample size: 1~10 mL

4. Measurement Range: 0.2 mg/L to 3%

5. Detection Limit: 0.2 mg/L

6. Temperature Control Range: Room temperature to 1100℃

7. Temperature Control Precision: 0.5% ± 2℃

8. Gas Source Requirements:
- Argon: Above 99.995%
- Oxygen: Above 99.99%
- Humidity: Less than 5%

9. Rated Voltage: AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0.5Hz (110V also available)

10. Power: 1500W

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