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Aviation Fuel Testing Equipment - Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator TT-203

Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator TT-203 conforms to ASTM E203 Standard Test Method for Water Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration. 

Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator TT-203 is an automatic volumetric Karl Fischer titrator with high accuracy, great flexibility, and repeatability. The titrator is designed to perform titrations for a variety of sample types and matrices, allowing the user to achieve reliable results and high-speed analysis. The TT-203 analyzes water content ranging from 100 ppm to 100%. This advanced titrator automatically dispenses the titrant, detects the endpoint, and performs all necessary calculations and graphing.

1. LCD display screen

2. Supports KF Titration Mode and Titer Detection Mode

3. Features auto-filling, auto-purging, and auto-mixing of the reagents for safe handling of Karl Fischer chemicals

4. Selectable units including mg, mg/L, %, ppm, etc.

5. Settable parameters, including measurement unit, polarization current, stirring rate, titration rate, stop volume, endpoint potential, stop criterion, etc.

6. Stores up to 200 titration data sets (GLP-compliant)

7. Data can be easily transferred to a printer via the RS-232 communication interface

8. Reset feature automatically returns all settings to factory default options

1. Range: 0.1 mg to 250 mg, 0.1 mg

2. Test Range: 100 ppm to 100%

3. Polarization Current Accuracy: 1 μA ± 0.2 μA, 50 μA ± 10 μA

4. Repeatability: ±0.5%

5. Power Supply: AC adapter, 100 to 240V AC input, 24V DC output (110V also available)

6. Dimensions: 340 x 400 x 400 mm

7. Weight: 10 kg

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