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Washing and Pelletizing Line - Waste appliances washing and recycling machine

Waste appliances washing and recycling machine

Waste appliances washing and recycling machine that manages ten categories of e-waste, covering household appliances, medical tools, and monitoring equipment. Our expertise lies in developing tailored solutions for cleaning and recycling plastic and electronic waste.

There are currently ten categories of e-waste:

1. Large Household Appliances
2. Small Household Appliances
3. IT and Telecommunications Equipment
4. Consumer Equipment
5. Lighting Equipment
6. Electrical and Electronic Tools
7. Toys, Leisure, and Sports Equipment
8. Medical Equipment
9. Monitoring and Control Equipment
10. Automatic Distributor

Our team holds extensive experience in research and development for household appliance cleaning and recycling lines. We've formulated cleaning, separating, and drying solutions tailored for plastic and electronic equipment waste.

The Waste appliances washing and recycling machine developed by our team uses density separation (using salt water) to achieve high purity PS and ABS materials with consistent performance.

♲ PE/PP purity: >98%
♲ PS purity: >92%
♲ ABS purity: ≥92%


Waste appliances washing and recycling machine Utilized for recycling used refrigerators to extract high-purity plastics, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and foams.
The refrigerator recycling line features leading domestic technology. featuring a cyclopentane alarm system, dust removal system, and fire protection system ensuring personal and property safety.
♻ Production: 40-55 units/hour, 80-100 units/hour
♻ Ferrous metal screening rate (by weight): >98%
♻ Aluminum and copper screening rate (by weight): >92%
♻ Plastic screening rate (by weight): ≥90%
♻ Polyurethane foam collection efficiency (by weight): >90%

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