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Crude Oil Testing Equipment - Water in Crude Oil Apparatus (Distillation Method)

Water in Crude Oil Apparatus (Distillation Method)

Water in Crude Oil Apparatus (Distillation Method) TT-4006A

Water in Crude Oil Apparatus (Distillation Method) TT-4006A - Understanding the water content of crude oil is crucial for refining, purchasing, selling, or transferring crude oils.

Water in Crude Oil Apparatus (Distillation Method) TT-4006A adheres to the ASTM D4006 Standard Test Method for Water in Crude Oil by Distillation. It's utilized for distillation-based testing of water content in crude oil.

The TT-4006 apparatus is designed with a single element, while the TT-4006A features double elements for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in water content testing.

1. A stepless solid-state voltage regulator ensures heating without an open flame, prioritizing safety and reliability.

2. Heating jackets operate without a flame, ensuring safety and reliability in operation.

3. The voltmeter provides clear readings, ensuring accurate temperature control and demonstrating excellent insulation properties.

4. The apparatus offers simple operation with an elegant structure, enhancing user experience.

1. Rated Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (110V also available)

2. Power: Continuously adjustable from 0 to 650W

3. Heating Method: Heating jacket

4. Display Adjustment: AC voltmeter ranging from 0 to 250V

5. Temperature Control Mode: Stepless voltage solid-state regulator

6. Distillation Flask: 1000ml capacity

7. Accepting Bottles: 5ml with a scale of 0.05ml

8. Liebig Condenser: 400mm length

9. Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C

10. Ambient Requirements: Temperature range of 10~40°C; Humidity not exceeding 85%

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