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Lube Grease Testing Equipment - Water Spray for Lubricating Grease

Water Spray for Lubricating Grease

Water Spray for Lubricating Grease TT-4049

Water Spray for Lubricating Grease TT-4049 adheres to the ASTM D4049 Standard Test Method, which evaluates a grease's resistance to water spray. 

Water Spray for Lubricating Grease TT-4049 assesses the grease's capacity to remain attached to a metal surface when exposed to a water spray in controlled laboratory settings.

1. The PMMA chamber provides convenient observation, while the precision pressure gauge clearly displays the spray pressure.

2. The stainless steel plate meets standard requirements, measuring 152.4×50.75×6.35mm.

3. The stainless steel grinding tool also conforms to standard requirements, measuring 203.2×76.2×11.11mm.

4. Equipped with a stainless steel nozzle of Φ3.18mm, the apparatus includes a bypass valve in front of the pressure gauge set at 40psi±1psi.

5. A microcomputer temperature controller with a digital display ensures accuracy to within ±0.2℃, using a PT100 sensor.

6. The setup features a full enclosed compressor for cooling and a digital timer to control the spraying time.

7. Cooling of the medium is facilitated by a magnetic pump circulation system, with insulation provided on the drivepipe of the circulating pipe.

1. Heating is facilitated by an electrical heating pipe.

2. Timing is controlled via a digital timer.

3. Cooling is achieved through compressor cooling.

4. Temperature regulation is managed by a digital PID temperature controller.

5. The apparatus operates at a rated voltage of AC220V 50HZ, with a working temperature set at 38±0.2℃.

6. The working pressure is maintained at 40psi±1psi.

7. Water pressure is controlled using a by-pass valve.

8. The power consumption is 2.5KW.

9. Spraying is executed through a precision nozzle.

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