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XRF And XRD Analyzers - XRD Analyzers – X-ray Diffractometers

XRD Analyzers – X-ray Diffractometers

The SHINE and FRINGE Families of XRD Analyzers – X-ray Diffractometers, revolutionizing material analysis. The SHINE Family presents a portable solution integrating XRD and XRF technologies for comprehensive composition and structure data, with effortless one-key operation and automatic detection. Waterproof and compact, it's perfect for both lab and field research. Meanwhile, the FRINGE Family offers benchtop precision with advanced features like Sora slits and digital multi-channel analysis for efficient polymer crystallinity assessment. Simplified operation, excellent resolution, and reliable results define both families' commitment to superior material analysis.

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Portable XRD Analyzer – X-ray Diffractometer - SHINE Family

Introducing the Portable XRD Analyzer – X-ray Diffractometer - SHINE Family, an innovative solution for on-site material...

Benchtop XRD Analyzer – X-ray Diffractometer - FRINGE Family

The FRINGE Family's Benchtop XRD Analyzer – X-ray Diffractometer, a versatile solution for material analysis. With...

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