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York University Uses Torontech’s Desk Sputter Coater for Research on SEM Coating of Noble Metals

Desk Sputter Coater

TT-DSR1 Desk SEM Coater model is a compact coating system which able to coat noble metals such as gold (Au), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt) and gold/palladium (Au/Pd) thin films on non-conductive or poorly conductive specimens. Uniform thin films with fine-grain sizes are formed in fast cycle time. The produced thin film is suitable for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis.

Our recently delivered state of the art system will help York University to test and study the fundamental SEM coating in a specifically designed device .

Desk Sputter Coater TT-DSR1, the modular of SEM sample preparation system, configured as a sputter coater and carbon coater (thread) with interchangeable heads in one instrument. It is a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) sample preparation system equipped with a rotary pump to achieve a vacuum less than 50mTorr which is a suitable vacuum range for noble metals sputter coating. The device can be further used for the extensive advanced evaporation coating operation as well.

The system is configured to provide a user-friendly operational use as it is equipped with a 7inch coloured touch screen and fully automatic control and data input that can be operated by even inexperienced users and an easily adjustable sample holder.

The entire setup makes operating this device efficient and less complicated /user-friendly which is a must when the primary use for this system is being found in research and analysis in universities where the end-users are mostly faculty members and students.

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