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Alloy Analyzer

The TrueX Handheld Alloy Analyzer, powered by the latest scientific advancements, including the Handheld XRF Analyzer, is a robust instrument for identifying metal materials during production. With its rapid, precise, and handheld features, it enables on-site detection and swift sorting of large volumes of metal waste, furnishing users with prompt, effective, and precise data.

Handheld XRF Analyzer - Alloy Analyzer proves invaluable in various industries such as quality control (QA/QC), material analysis (PMI), mixture identification, waste sorting (Recycling), Grade ID in steel smelting, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical refining, fine chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, electric power plants, aerospace, and others.

Portable XRF Analyzer - Alloy Analyzer
Portable XRF Analyzer - Alloy Analyzer

Waste recycling and sorting

Portable XRF Analyzer - Alloy Analyzer

Alloy material identification (PMI) incoming inspection

Portable XRF Analyzer - Alloy Analyzer

Quality control and QA (QC/QA) and effective error prevention (PKKA-YOKE)

Professional brand database

The product's built-in brand database encompasses 380 alloy brands, addressing the challenge of converting various country-specific brands in specialized industry applications. Additionally, users have the flexibility to expand the alloy brand library, enabling simultaneous analysis of over 600 alloy types and more than 10,000 alloy materials.

Extremely low detection limit

The new net strength fitting method, powered by the super-FP algorithm, allows users to accurately analyze metal material and element content without needing to switch modes.

Nondestructive testing (NDT)

The entire testing process poses no risk of damage to the product, and measurements can be conducted under various extreme environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures, dust, darkness, and humidity.


The professional management analysis software features security password settings and allows for the generation of customized, personalized analysis reports with the company's logo included.

More Handheld

Handheld XRF Analyzer - Alloy Analyzer with its one-button operation, the instrument offers enhanced convenience. It's also smaller and lighter, making it easy for users to carry. Plus, remote control of the instrument can be easily achieved.

Detection range
Excitation source
50kV/200μA upper limit, tube pressure tube flow can be adjusted freely, W/Ag/Rh target (optional)
Si-PIN detector/SDD detector
Display system
4.3 "industrial grade resistance touch screen
Automatically adjust display brightness according to external environment brightness
Data processing
Built-in 32GB storage
USB, can connect the device to the Internet, remote setting and maintenance of the instrument
Heat dissipation
T-slot radiator
Built-in DoubleBeam™ technology automatically senses samples ahead for enhanced radiation safety and protection
Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof carrying case
Special safety rope
Power system
Intelligent battery with MSBUS, real-time monitoring battery, spare battery can directly check the remaining capacity of the battery, the battery complies with the air dangerous goods transport regulations
A single battery can work for about 8 hours
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