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XRF And XRD Analyzers - Handheld XRF Analyzer TrueX Series

Handheld XRF Analyzer TrueX Series

Light weight, detection range from Mg-U, with fast analysis speed, high accuracy, handheld and easy to carry, is the ideal tool for field testing.

The Handheld  XRF Analyzer TrueX Series, a powerful handheld device designed for rapid and accurate analysis in various fields. With features like a compact design, advanced technology, and customizable reports, this Handheld XRF Analyzer ensures laboratory comparable results in the field.

It offers capabilities such as detecting key elements with high content and providing precise analysis without damaging the tested object. Additionally, its advanced Peltier electric refrigeration method eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen, reducing equipment complexity and maintenance costs. The TrueX series complies with national radiation safety standards, ensuring user safety and peace of mind.


Lightweight and easy to carry


Up to 25 elements can be detected


Built-in interlocking device, effectively protect user safety

Product Categories

Alloy Analyzer

The TrueX Handheld Alloy Analyzer, powered by the latest scientific advancements, including the Handheld  XRF Analyzer...

Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer

The TrueX handheld Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer is lightweight and Handheld, featuring a simple one-key operation...

Car Catalyst Analyzer

The TrueX handheld Car Catalyst Analyzer is essential for accurately measuring the precious metal content, including...

Ternary Battery Analyzer

The TrueX Ternary Battery Analyzer, addresses market demands by combining electronics, microelectronics...

RoHS Analyzer

The TrueX RoHS Analyzer is designed to analyze the chemical composition of consumer products like toys, clothing, footwear, and electronic equipment...

Mineral Analyzer

The TrueX Mineral Analyzer delivers fast and precise elemental analysis results with minimal or no sample preparation required across all stages of mining operations...

TrueX Handheld XRF Analyzer

The TrueX handheld XRF analyzer is a powerful device developed by our company, renowned for its rapid detection, durability...

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