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Cutting Mills - Auto-knife Mill HM600

Auto-knife Mill HM600

Feed size:<50mm

Final fine:<320μm


The Auto-knife Mill HM600 is a specialized mill designed for the grinding and homogenization of food samples. HM600 enhances grinding efficiency and minimizes human error, ensuring precision in the grinding process. It rapidly pulverizes samples to achieve analytical fineness and high homogenization within seconds.

Moreover, the entire grinding and knife-cleaning process is automated, streamlining sample preparation and meeting diverse laboratory analysis requirements efficiently.

HM600 is not only well-suited for finely crushing soft, mid-hard, brittle, and fibrous samples but also excels in milling and homogenizing watery, oily, and fatty samples. It is capable of processing substantial quantities of various samples, including cereals, fruits, vegetables, livestock products, aquatic items, feeds, meat, sausages, fish, haslet, herbs, and more.

Working Principle

HM600 is equipped with two double-blade knives located at the bottom center of the grinding jar. These knives are independently driven by two 750W motors. The instrument features six sample stations, allowing the processing of two samples simultaneously.

The knives have an automatic rise and fall mechanism, ensuring rapid grinding and homogenization. After testing, ultrasonic and solvent cleaning, as well as drying, ensure the knives are thoroughly cleaned. The dull side of the blades can be utilized for pre-grinding large-scale samples, while the sharp side is ideal for fine-grinding.

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- Dual motors for robust and adjustable speed control
- Capable of both pre-grinding and fine grinding in one machine
- Simple operation with rapid startup
- Optional grinding sets available in stainless steel and PC materials
- Accessories can be sterilized at high temperatures
- The option for accessories free from heavy metal contamination
- Control panel allows for easy setting of interval, forward, and reverse modes

Channel qty.
Handling capacity.
6 samples/batch, 24 samples/hr
Grinding jar capacity
LED screen, detachable and can be remote controlled via APP
Control system
microcomputer control of whole process of samples grinding and knives cleaning
Notify message
showing working process and rest time by steps, notify error info.
Cleaning modes
ultrasonic, detergent
Cleaning target
knife, knife carrier, press lid cleaning simultaneously
Grinding pattern
knife moving up and down when grinding to enforce grinding performance
Press lid
When grinding the lid will press down to reduce sample residue on jar wall
Quick Launch Button
1 or 2 tunnels working patterns; sample qty.; knife auto-cleaning modes; cycles times; tunnels cleaning.
Protection function
The ultrasonic cleaning will not be motivated but warning when there is no water inside
Peristaltic pump
external peristaltic pump head with qualified pump pipe
Motor power
750W per motor, dual motors
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