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Solid Sample Preparation Cutting Mill

Torontech's range of Solid Sample Preparation equipments are superlative selection for sample preparation of powdered…

Knife Mill HM100

The Knife Mill HM100 is designed for processing soft, medium-hard, brittle, and fibrous samples, particularly those with high water, oil, or fat content.

Knife Mill HM300

The Knife Mill HM300 is particularly well-suited for rapidly grinding and homogenizing a large quantity of samples to the analysis level in a short period.

Auto-knife Mill HM600

The Auto-knife Mill HM600 is a specialized mill designed for the grinding and homogenization of food samples.

Ultra Centrifugal Mill FM200

The Ultra Centrifugal Mill FM200 is suitable for a broad spectrum of samples. Leveraging its highly efficient grinding...

Cutting Mill CM200

The CM200 is an ideal machine for preparing samples for heavy-metal-free RoHS and WEEE tests.

Multi-Functional Cutting Mill CM100M

The Cutting Mill CM101 is appropriate for a wide range of dry samples, including those that are soft, tough, fibrous, and hard.

Cross Beater Mill CB100

The Cross Beater Mill CB100 is designed for materials with a moderate hardness and brittleness. It is versatile, capable of both batch processing and...

Rotor Beater Mill CR200

The Rotor Beater Mill CR200 can grind both soft and hard materials through a combination of impact and shear actions, resulting in effective grinding.

Twister TW200

The TW200 is specifically crafted for food and feed sample preparation for NIR (near-infrared spectroscopy) analysis.

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