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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Automated Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus

Automated Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus

Automated Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus TT-5293

Automated Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus TT-5293 conforms to the SAE J300 and ASTM D5293 Standard Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils and Base Stocks Between –5 and –35°C Using Cold-Cranking Simulator. 

Automated Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus TT-5293 is utilized for determining the apparent viscosity of engine oils and base stocks via cold cranking simulation (CCS) at temperatures ranging between –5 and –35°C. It operates at shear stresses of approximately 50,000 to 100,000 Pa and shear rates of approximately 10^5 to 10^4 s–1 for viscosities ranging from approximately 900 to 25,000 mPa•s. The operational range of the instrument is contingent upon the specific instrument model and the software version installed. Results obtained for Apparent Cranking Viscosity through this method are indicative of the engine-cranking characteristics of engine oils.

1. We utilize a retro reflector to observe the experimental phenomenon.

2. The operation interface is entirely in English.

3. The apparatus features an Omron temperature controller and light-touch buttons for convenient operation.

4. Automatic detection of rotary speed is facilitated by the apparatus, with manual control achieved through a fine-tuning knob to minimize manual operation errors.

5. Equipped with a double imported compressor as a cooling system, the refrigeration depth of the apparatus can reach -60°C.

6. Precision is ensured with the apparatus being equipped with an imported click drive.

7. Test results can be printed and stored by the apparatus.

8. After calibrating with CANNON CL160 viscosity standards, the apparatus will automatically calculate results.

9. An embedded operating system is adopted, ensuring highly stable and reliable operation.

10. Utilizing a second-generation rotor, the apparatus operates under low torque testing conditions with high repeatability.

11. The apparatus automatically shuts down and begins heating after each experiment, facilitating rapid cleaning.

12. Refrigeration speed is recommended automatically by the apparatus.

13. Automatic detection of rotary speed is enabled by the presence of a digital rotary encoder in the apparatus.

14. Users have the capability to edit and store reference values for all standard oils.

15. With a capacity to store over 1000 test data, checking data is made very easy.

16. The software includes a high viscosity function to prevent the Weissenberg effect.

1. Rated Voltage: AC220V ±20% (110V also available)

2. Power: 1500W

3. Temperature Range: The temperature control range of the external circulated alcohol bath is approximately -60°C.

4. Cooling Bath Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C

5. Stator Temperature Accuracy: ±0.05°C

6. Temperature Display Accuracy: ±0.01°C

7. Viscosity Measuring Range: 1500 to 27000 mPa·s

8. Ambient Requirements: Temperature between 10°C and 40°C; humidity ≤85%

We calibrate our CCS using the CANNON standard.

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