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Industrial Testing Machine

Torontech offers Industrial testing machines to evaluate and determine stress relaxation exposure period in metals, concrete bar, and steel rope. Freezers capable of reaching ultra-low temperatures that are widely used in scientific research. Cold bend test machines are used to test metal sticks, rods and screw threads.

Product Categories

Torsion Testing Machine for Fasteners

Torontech's TTTF Series of Torsion Testing Machine is designed to verify the suitability of high strength bolt/nut/…

Automatic 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Automatic 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine – TT3DCMM is designed for high accuracy and large dimension measurement. It…

Servo-Controlled Torsion Tester

Torontech's TTT series of Servo-Controlled Torsion Testing Machine/ Twist Testing Machine are used to determine the…

Stress Relaxation Tester

Torontech's Stress Relaxation Tester - TT-SR Series is used to determine stress-relaxation of metals, such as pre-…

Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer

Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers from ToronTech™ are based on the advanced refrigeration method of single-…

TRI-Cylinder Bend Testing Machine

Our TT-TCBT-300 TRI-Cylinder Bend Testing Machine with 3 Positions is specially used for bending of test of metal.

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Overhead Conductors

Torontech’s TT-HTTM Series of Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine is designed specifically for tensile testing of…

Drop Tower Test Machine for Cable Impact Testing

The axial impact test is performed to measure the mechanical performance of a conductor when subjected to high dynamic…

Rebar Bend & Re-bend Testing Machine

TTRBM Rebar Bend and Re-bend Testing Machine is specially designed to test bend resistance performance of reinforced…

Optical Vertical Profile Projector QVP-400

Optical Vertical Profile Projector QVP-400 comes with multifunction colorful LCD digital readout and Ø400mm Measurement…


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