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Laboratory Assisting - Automatic Fusion Machine Auto-F40

Automatic Fusion Machine Auto-F40

The Automatic Fusion Machine Auto-F40 utilizes the glass flux sheet technique to create a fused glass sheet from various sample types, including cement, lime, catalysts, mining and geological materials, refractory materials, glass, dioxygen, silicon powders, bauxite, alumina, and more. These glass sheets are primarily employed for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) analysis.

Steel, cement, ceramic, glass, inspection and quarantine, scientific research, mining exploration, non-ferrous metal, refractory industries.

Working principle

You can load up to four samples into separate crucibles, which are then placed on the electric heating chamber's bracket. Once the sample is fully melted, it's poured into a pre-heated platinum mold. A fan is used to rapidly cool the molten sample, resulting in a glass sheet with a uniform interior and a flat surface as it solidifies.

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- Touchscreen display and control.
- Temperature control accuracy: +/-1°C.
- Crucible swing angle: Max +40°.
- Heating mode and speed: Silicon carbide heating, 35°C/min.
- The entire process, including transition heating, pouring, and cooling, can be completed with a single click after parameter setting.

Number of stations
Power supply
1PH, 220VAC,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Sample number
Operating temperature
Room temperature -1250°C
Rated Current
Temperature control accuracy
Temperature increasing rate
Measurement (L*W*H)
1020 *650 *670mm
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