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Vibratory Feeder VF200

The VF200 Vibratory Feeder is specifically engineered to streamline the automatic feeding of bulk particles or finely powdered samples.

Pellet Press

Pellet Press is used for forming high-quality pellets for XRF analysis.


A stable and high-quality tablet is a crucial prerequisite for XRF analysis.

Pellet Strength Tester

Pellet Strength Tester is used to test the strength of pellets.

Sample Splitter

When utilizing the splitters to divide samples, they are evenly distributed into the sample splitting slots.

Rotary Sample Divider RSD200

The RSD200 can evenly split one sample into 6, 8, or 10 uniform smaller samples.

Three-dimensional Mixer M10

The M10 mixer is designed for blending solid and liquid samples, ensuring even distribution for reliable analysis results.

Automatic Fusion Machine Auto-F40

The Automatic Fusion Machine Auto-F40 utilizes the glass flux sheet technique to create a fused glass sheet from various sample types,... including cement,

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