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Kjeldahl Analyzer - Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F

The Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F combines distillation and titration functions, following the traditional Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method.

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F features a state-of-the-art core control system, robust automation, and top-notch components. This Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F device effortlessly manages automatic waste disposal and cleaning of digestion tubes and titration cups, controls steam supply, and monitors condensation temperature in real time. Its high-precision charging pump and titration system ensure precise test results, while multiple fluid level detections maintain a seamless testing process.

  • The Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F offers automated distillation, titration, calculation, printing, drainage, and cleaning functions, enhancing safety and saving time.
  • Its transparent titration cup design provides operators with real-time control over the entire testing process.
  • The steam flow is adjustable to meet various test requirements.
  • The reagent tank features a fluid absence warning function, ensuring uninterrupted testing.
  • High-precision charging pump and titration system guarantee accurate test results.
  • The large LCD touch screen allows for visual operation, providing users with comprehensive control.
  • It offers optional USB or RS485 interfaces for PC connectivity.
  • Real-time detection of distilled liquid temperature enables emergency stops in case of temperature anomalies.
  • The double distillation model caters to diverse experiments, slowing down the acid-base reaction.
  • A rapid drainage function for digestion tubes helps prevent operator contact with hot distilled reagents, ensuring operator safety.
  • Additionally, it includes a built-in printer for added convenience.
  • Complete microcomputer control

    The system automatically handles distillation, titration, calculations, printing, waste disposal, and multiple safety measures. This includes self-detection for failures, alerts for condensed water shortages, displacement warnings for safety doors and digestion tubes, ensuring a comprehensive safeguarding system.

    Large LCD Touch Screen Panel

    The sizable LCD touch screen provides visual operation and comprehensive information, empowering users with clear and easy control over the system.

    Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer TT-K1100F

    The design ensures complete compatibility, seamlessly integrating with similar products from the same category.

    Performance advantage

  • Compatible with φ 42mm digestion tubes for seamless integration.
  • Simultaneous titration during distillation for increased efficiency.
  • User-friendly design featuring a color touch screen for easy operation.
  • Utilizes a faster ARM system for improved operating speeds.
  • Compatible digestor models SH220F and SH420F with φmm digestion tubes are suitable matches for the K1100F.
  • Measuring range
    0.1mg ~240mg N
    Analysis time
    Average value relative error ±0.5%
    Burette volume
    Sample capacity
    solid≦5g/sample, liquid≦20mL/sample
    Water consumption in the distillation process
    Data storage capacity
    1800 groups
    Power supply
    220VAC±10%, 50Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    Net weight
    83.8 lbs.
    17.9 inches X 15.4 inches X 28.7 inches
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