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Environmental Test Chamber - Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber 15L/30L/50L

-70℃ TO +150℃

Our new Benchtop Environmental Test Chambers are state-of-the-art and yet cost-effective models with 15L/30L/50L capacities with an extended temperature range of -70℃ TO +150℃. Humidity function can be ordered as an option.

These benchtop Environmental Test Chambers are compact units with advanced features and are crucial tools in key laboratories and third-party testing facilities across diverse industries such as aviation, automotive, telecommunications, and medical research. These chambers perform a wide range of tests including temperature stress detection, reliability testing, and weather resistance testing for small test pieces under extreme environmental conditions.

Standard Compliance of Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber 15L/30L/50L Series:

1. IEC60068-2-1 Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests A: Cold
2. IEC60068-2-2 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Test methods - Tests B: Dry Heat
3. MIL-STD-810F-501.4 High temperature test
4. MIL-STD-810F-502.4 Low temperature test
5. GB/T 10589-2008: cryogenic test chamber technical conditions
6. GB/T 10592-2008: high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions
7. GJB 360B-2009: test methods for electronic and electrical components
8. JJF 1101-2003: environmental and test equipment temperature and humidity calibration specifications
9. GB/T 5170.2-2008: test method for environmental test equipment of electric and electronic products temperature test equipment

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Chamber Structure

The Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber 15L/30L/50L Series include a state-of-the-art high quality insulated chamber, a cooling unit, an air conditioning air supply device, a humidity control system, a measurement and control system, and a safety protection system.
Interior Material
Made of 1.5mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, with a mirror finish treatment on the surface. All joints are continuously TIG welded (tungsten inert gas shielded welding) to guarantee no leaks after prolonged testing. The inner wall bottom plate is designed with drainage holes to remove condensed water.
Exterior Material
The shell of our benchtop environmental test chamber 15L/30L/50L Series is made of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate, coated with double-sided white electrostatic spray, ensuring long-term rust resistance.
Insulation Material
The insulation layer is made of a composite PU foam (polyurethane) board and ultra-fine glass roll cotton, providing optimal heat resistance and thermal insulation effects. The thickness is approximately 80mm (3.15 inches).
Chamber Door Structure
This Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber Series features a single door sealed with a double-layer high and low temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing strip. Additionally, the chamber door frame and its surroundings are fitted with self-regulating heating wires to prevent condensation or frost formation during low-temperature tests. The control system activates the heating and defrosting automatically based on the working room temperature.
Viewing Window
A set of multi-layer tempered anti-fog observation windows are installed on the door. Both the inside and outside of the windows are coated with a transparent heating film to prevent condensation and frost, ensuring clear visibility during the test. The size of each window is approximately 178×200mm.
One set of lighting fixtures is installed on the door, with the operation switch located on the touch screen. The touch screen includes a timing function to turn off the lights.
Cable Port
A φ50mm cable port is placed on one side of the chamber, including a rubber plug.
Sample Holder
Made of two layers, with adjustable height for both upper and lower layers.

Air Heating and Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Air Supply
The benchtop environmental test chamber's built-in air conditioning unit is positioned on the inner side of the chamber body, with a stainless steel centrifugal fan mounted on top of the chamber. The top side supplies air while the lower side returns air, creating forced circulation. The setup includes a stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal fan, heater, and evaporator.
Stainless steel finned heating tube.
Heating Control
PID automatic adjustment, output to heater via non-contact switch (SSR).
Air circulation System
High-temperature, low-noise motor paired with centrifugal fan blades.

Refrigeration System

German Secop compressor is used, known for its industry-leading technology and high reliability. It provides the high-power cooling capacity necessary for effective cooling.
Cooling Way
Refrigerants compliant with international environmental protection standards.
The high-efficiency sine corrugated aluminum fin air-cooled evaporator is suitable for harsh environments and can operate effectively even in high-temperature conditions.
Throttling System
Electronic expansion valve (Sporlan or Danfoss), solenoid valve, and capillary tube.
Refrigeration Capacity Control
The refrigeration system of our benchtop environmental test chamber line is equipped with a pressure sensor to monitor real-time operating pressure. It adjusts system pressure using multiple solenoid valves to maintain consistent refrigeration output within specific temperature ranges. This ensures more uniform distribution of refrigeration capacity throughout the cooling process, resulting in smoother temperature curves. The system uses multi-condition energy adjustment technology to accommodate various temperature requirements. Furthermore, there's a refrigerant pressure regulating tank designed to recover a portion of the refrigerant at high and constant temperatures. This reduces cold capacity output, leading to significant power consumption savings. The regulating tank, in conjunction with the pressure testing system, ensures optimal efficiency and reliable operation.

Humidity Control System

Humidity Control Way
External electric heating steam humidification, using SSR (Solid State Relay) actuator for non-contact operation.
Humidification Generator
Patented technology
Freezing and Dehumidification
Utilizing the frozen light tube dehumidification method.
Humidification Water Supply
The softened water utilized for humidification must adhere to the relevant standards of "Water for Industrial Boilers," ensuring a water resistivity of ≥500Ωm. Manual water addition methods are used: Manual Mode: The equipment features a self-priming water pump. Users should place the pure water meeting industrial standards behind the test box and insert the water supply pipe into the container. Pure water needs to be manually added by the user. When the water level sensor detects a low water level, the water pump activates to replenish the water.
Water Level Control
Stainless steel high-temperature resistant electronic liquid level float switch.
Supply Pump
A micro-vacuum water pump is used, capable of self-priming and operating dry.

Control System

Measure System
Temperature Measurement: Two temperature sensors are utilized, one for control purposes and one for independent over-temperature protection. Humidity Measurement: Vaisala humidity acquisition module (From Finland) is used. Refrigeration System Pressure Measurement: Two ceramic pressure transmitters are used for real-time pressure display.
Control System
1. The controller of our benchtop environmental test chamber uses a Siemens PLC, with a 7-inch touchscreen for the most convenient interface. Control software is developed independently.
2. Display accuracy: Temperature: 0.1℃; Time: Seconds.
3. During testing, essential reference parameters such as current target temperature, measured temperature, target humidity, measured humidity, heating output, cooling output, running time, and program progress are displayed in real-time.
4. Two testing methods are available: fixed value setting (manual operation) or program setting (automatic operation based on preset programs).
5. The preset program function allows users to select from 20 pre-set program curves, each curve consisting of up to 99 segments.
6. An optional feature includes the ability to select a computer as an upper monitor for remote monitoring. This computer can control the operational status of the test chamber, access current and historical test data from the on-site controller or through the upper computer, and facilitate printing. Additionally, data can be automatically recorded. (Optional)(Additional fee items)
7. In case of equipment failure, an automatic alarm will sound, and the power supply will be cut off. Simultaneously, the controller will display the fault phenomenon and a brief description of the fault, enabling users to easily identify the cause.
8. The controller features a password function and clear authority settings, aimed at preventing accidental shutdowns or interruptions of tests due to mis-handling.
7-inch TFT true color touch screen (resolution 800×480)
Interface Type
USB interface available for exporting data in Excel format.
Memory Capacity

Safety Device

Safety Protection Device
- Compressor overpressure protection
- Compressor overload protection
- Compressor exhaust protection
- Touch screen system mis-handling protection
- Power phase sequence protection
- Equipment leakage protection
- Multi-level password protection for operating system
- High and low temperature protection within the chamber
- Heater overheat protection
- Line fuse (fuse) protection
- Fan overload and overheating protection
- Observation light timing-off protection (adjustable time setting)
- Independent secondary temperature protection with adjustable set temperature
Alarm Record
Internal alarms are recorded in real time, and the files can be viewed at anytime
Alarm Indication
The test chamber itself is equipped with an audible and visual alarm device. In case of the aforementioned failures, the control system will automatically stop and trigger an audible and visual alarm.

Installation Conditions

Environmental Conditions
1) Environmental conditions for equipment use:
- Temperature: 0°C to +35°C - Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, without condensation
- Avoid direct sunlight or radiation from other heat sources
- Keep away from high-concentration dust and corrosive substances
2) Equipment power supply conditions:
- Voltage: 220V (110V also available)
- Frequency: 50Hz
- Power Consumption: approximately 2 KW
Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber
Internal Volume
Internal Size(mm) ( W×D×H)
External Size (mm) ( W×D×H)
Temperature Range
Temp. Fluctuation
Temp. Uniformity
Temp. Deviation
Heating Rate
3℃/min(-40℃~+85℃ no load,average rate)
Cooling Rate
2℃/min(+85℃~-40℃ no load,average rate)
Humidity Range


Refrigeration Mode
mechanical compressor refrigeration
Cooling Way
Air cooling
Operation Mode
fixed value control operation, program circulation operation
Ambient temperature is +23℃, no-load test, according to GB/T5170.2-2008 or equivalent international standard.
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