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Ball Mills - Biological Homogenizer LM50(R)

Biological Homogenizer LM50(R)

Process capacity:24x2ml /12x5ml

Vibration linear speed:2.0-6.5m/s

The Biological Homogenizer LM50(R) is purpose-built to efficiently homogenize biological samples at high speed and throughput. It uses strong centrifugal and friction forces to completely release the original DNA, RNA, and proteins from samples, making it easier for subsequent extraction and purification. With various adapters, it can rapidly process up to 24 samples in a single batch using standard centrifuge tubes or cryogenic tubes. By employing complementary reagents, this homogenizer can disrupt a wide range of samples, including soil, plants, animal tissues/organs, germs, yeast, fungi, spores, and paleontological specimens.

The LM50R Biological Homogenizer incorporates compressor refrigeration, providing highly efficient cooling and precise temperature control to maintain the vitality of biological samples. Temperature control ranges from 4℃ to 37℃, and a customized version with a range of -40℃ to 20℃ is also available.

DNA, RNA, and proteins are precisely targeted by leveraging the shearing and abrasive forces generated during the 3D high-speed motion of the grinding balls interacting with the samples. These forces, coupled with the use of auxiliary reagents that facilitate cell wall/membrane lysis while safeguarding nucleic acids and proteins, enable the desired outcomes in DNA, RNA, and protein extraction.

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  • User-friendly 7-inch colorful touch screen for easy operation.
  • Integration of 3D vibratory pulverization and centrifugal separation, resulting in time savings and preventing environmental pollution.
  • Low-speed crushing ensures optimal DNA/RNA yield, making it particularly suitable for genome preparation.
  • Compatible with both centrifuge tubes and cryogenic vials in sizes of 2ml/5ml.
  • Various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be programmed, including parameters such as crushing time, cycles, temperature, centrifugal time, rotation speed, stop interval time, and more, tailored for different applications.
  • Process capacity
    24x2ml /12x5ml
    Vibration linear speed
    Centrifugal speed
    Max. 1000-6000rpm
    3D rotate speed
    Max. 1000-4000rpm
    Storable SOPs
    99 SOPs.
    Cycling times
    1-99 times
    Max single grinding time
    Rated power
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