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Solid Sample Preparation Mortar Grinder and Mixer

TTSSPMGM Mortar Grinder series are used to grind, homogenize and mix a wide range of samples with dry/wet or cryogenic…

Vibration Ball Mill

TT-VB-1000 Vibration Ball Mill is designed for processing small amount and large batch sample, for example plant,…

Mortar Grinder MG200

The MG200 Mortar Grinder is designed for grinding, homogenizing, and mixing a wide variety of samples under dry, wet, or cryogenic conditions.

Micro Ball Mill GT300

The Micro ball mill GT300 is designed for modern laboratory applications.

High Throughput Tissue Mill GT50

The GT50 is a specialized mill meticulously crafted for swift and high-capacity pre-treatment of biological samples.

High Energy Ball Mill GT600 Multi/Dual

The GT600 is a versatile benchtop ball mill meticulously engineered for swift preparation of ultra-fine samples.

Planetary Ball Mill

Planetary Ball Mills are ideal for grinding (dry or wet) and blending various types of soft, hard, brittle, ...

High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill

High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill NM200 is versatile and perfect for precise grinding of hard, medium-hard, and...

CryoGrinder LM200

The cryoGrinder LM200 cools the samples using liquid nitrogen and pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor.

Hammer Mill CB1000

The Hammer Mill CB1000 processes samples through impact, making it suitable for the preparation of brittle and moderately hard samples.

Biological Homogenizer LM50(R)

The LM50® Biological Homogenizer is purpose-built to efficiently homogenize biological samples at high speed and throughput.

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