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Blaine Apparatus Air Permeability Tester

Blaine Apparatus Air Permeability Tests can be done by any one of Torontech's Blaine test apparatus. We have several options to choose from included an automatic air permeability test apparatus, a manual air permeability test apparatus, a PC-controlled air permeability test apparatus. The Blaine air permeability tester is mainly used to measure the fineness of the cement, which in turn can be an indication of speed of setting and rate of strength development. The testing principle is based on the permeability of air through a sample under certain conditions. This is the ideal testing instrument for cement and concrete testing. We offer variety of Blaine systems fitting the needs of the industry.

The automatic Blaine air permeability test apparatus TT-AB10290 offered by Torontech has a built-in pump that replaces the aspirator (bulb). The entire test can be run semi-automatically with a greater degree of freedom for the operator than the manual Blaine test apparatus. The automatic time registration is both precise and convenient.

This automatic Blaine TT-AB10290 performs Blaine tests according to EN 196, DIN 1164, BS 4550, and ASTM C 204. These international standards ensure that the Blaine tester can perform to the most stringent standards.

Part of the maintenance of a Blaine tester requires routine calibrations; official calibration and other consumables can be purchased as accessories for this automatic Blaine tester when they are required. The built-in pump replaces the aspirator in this new design. The entire test can be run semi-automatically with a greater degree of freedom for the operator than the manual Blaine test apparatus. The automatic time registration is both precise and convenient. The unit runs at 230V/50Hz.

TT-MB10209 manual air permeability tester is able to perform the Blaine test with a traditional design. This Blaine tester has a manual aspirator to apply the air pressure for test. Torontech offers this air permeability test apparatus as an alternative to automatic and PC-controlled. It is competitively priced as well as offering the tried and true classical design of a Blaine tester.

The manual operation is has proven to be an effective means to carry out the tests. Moreover, the small footprint means that the machine will be the perfect addition to any facility.

TT-PB10294 Blaine test apparatus is the next generation of testing apparatus; being fully automated. The test procedure and evaluation is run without the supervision of an operator and is automatic. This system comes complete with software. The measuring cell has a diameter of 41 mm and its volume is approximately 73 cm3¬. The machine runs on at 230 V / 50 Hz. Also available is a systems with two-cells giving the ability to measure two points.

The difference between the two air permeability tester in the series (TT-PB10294 and TT-PB10295) is the number of load cells available with which to perform the Blaine test. The TT-PCB10294 is a PC-controlled Blaine tester model that sports one load. The TT-PCB10295 PC-controlled Blaine tester is the model that has two load cells. Both model performs tests that are monitored and recorded by the computer that is included.

Operation and software of the TT-PB10297 is similar to the other PC-operated units. The design of the main unit is unique in that the footprint is much smaller than those units and the measuring cell is fully encased in the metal housing. The sleek design allows for the testing unit to be placed conveniently on any atop any bench within your facility. The main unit is housed completely in metal. The load cell is also well-protected.

Electronic Blaine Apparatus, Dyckerhoff system, TT-AB10210 semi automatic device with pump and time registration for the rapid determination of specimen characteristics. Measuring cell dia.41 mm, volume of measuring cell approx. 73cm3 230 V / 50 Hz

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