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Environmental Test Chamber - Blowing Sand Dust Test Chamber

Blowing Sand Dust Test Chamber

Blowing sand dust test chamber is used for evaluating the resistance of a system to dust and sand particles in accordance with MIL-STD-810g standard.

The purpose of dust (< 150μm) procedure: This test procedure is performed to assist measure the flexibility of equipage to resist the results of mud that will hinder openings, penetrate into cracks, crevices, bearings, and joints, and to judge the effectiveness of filters.

Sand (150 to 850μm particle size) procedure: The Sand (150 to 850μm particle size) procedure is performed to assist measure the flexibility of equipage to be hold on and operated in processing sand conditions while not degrading performance, effectiveness, responsibility, and maintainability because of abrasion (erosion) or preventive effects of huge, sharp-edged particles.

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  • Temperature Range 10°C ~ 80°C
  • Blowing Dust 10.7±7g/ m³
  • Blowing Sand 0.18+0.2g/m³; 1.1+0.3g/m³; 2.2+0.5g/m³
  • Large Centrifugal Fan
  • Wind Speed Control
  • Dust Concentration Control
  • Internal illumination in the test room
  • Safety protection system
  • Model
    Internal Dimension
    1000*1000*1000mm D*W*H
    Overall Dimension
    2800*3500*2000mm D*W*H
    Interior Volume
    Blowing Dust
    Air velocity
    1.5 -8.9m/s
    Concentration of dust
    10.7±7g/ m³
    Dust particles
    Blowing sand
    Air velocity
    18.0 -29.0m/s
    Concentration of sand
    0.18+0.2g/m³; 1.1+0.3g/m³; 2.2+0.5g/m³
    Sand particles
    149μm - 600μm, 600μm - 850μm
    Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
    Door Lock
    Electromagnetic lock
    Testing Platform Diameter
    Testing Platform Speed
    1-7 r.p.m
    Dust Detector
    Integrated dust detector
    Dust collection and cleaning
    Equipped with a vacuum cleaner interface, an electric vibrator is installed on the entire air duct and the wall of the test chamber, which can shake off and disperse the dust absorbed on the wall.
    Exterior Material
    A3 Steel Plate with protective coating
    Interior Material
    SUS304 stainless steel
    Power Supply
    380V 50Hz
    Maximum Noise
    65 dBA
    MIL-STD- 810g
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