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Microwave Digestion - Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction System MDS-6G (SMART)

Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction System MDS-6G (SMART)

Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction System MDS-6G (SMART) features a durable all-steel chamber resistant to corrosion, an ultra strength aerospace composite fiber outer vessel for digestion, a patented multifunctional safety bolt design, and precise pressure control using piezoelectric crystal technology, preventing cross-contamination risks.

These categories encompass food and drug industries (milk, dairy, health food), cosmetics, agricultural produce, aquaculture items, biological tissues, diverse types of animal feed, energy and petrochemical products, geological and mineral resources, environmental resources (air, water, soil), metals, alloys, ceramics, RoHS compliance, pharmaceuticals, and domestic waste.

Set a new benchmark for practical compact microwave digester

The Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction System MDS-6G (SMART), known as SMART, is a practical and compact microwave digester. It marks a departure from tradition, emphasizing safety, durability, and ease of operation. Its outer vessel, exclusively made from ultrastrength aerospace composite fiber, ensures unmatched anti-explosion capabilities and superior resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, impacts, and pressure. This material far surpasses the commonly used modified PEEK engineering plastics vessel, which is vulnerable to high temperatures, pressure, and chemical corrosion. The aerospace composite fiber features a compressive strength of up to 10,000 psi and can withstand temperatures ranging from 500 to 600 degrees Celsius, effectively eliminating operational safety risks for users.

The quantified vertical blast/safety bolt design ensures complete closure of samples and triggers controlled pressure relief in case of overpressure. This patented safety bolt unit, replacing consumables like safety membranes, guarantees a fully sealed digestion vessel during regular operations. Only in situations of significant pressure that poses a safety risk, the safety bolt automatically blows out vertically, allowing the cover to release the pressure in a controlled vertical blast, ensuring safe operation. During standard operation, the safety bolt remains intact and doesn't require replacement. Additionally, venting to open the cover after digestion completion is straightforward.

The cutting-edge pressure measuring technology, utilizing piezoelectric crystal and high-precision Pt sensor temperature control, ensures accurate monitoring and control of pressure and temperature. Closed-loop microwave power control via an inverter maintains precision. The patented piezoelectric crystal technology isolates samples from the pressure measurement system, eliminating cross-contamination issues found in standard air pipe systems.

Recognized with the Gold Award in Automatic Frequency Control of Non-pulse Microwave Power at BCEIA, the company achieved precise closed-loop control of temperature and pressure. Additionally, it enhanced the microwave transmitter efficiency, resulting in a 37.5% energy saving.

Innovative design elements, like continuous one-direction rotation of the digestion vessels, depart from the conventional back-and-forth rotation, ensuring even microwave heating and extending the turntable motor's lifespan.

The industrial-grade chamber's robust design enhances impact resistance, while the focused microwave design optimizes heating efficiency. A multi-layer chemical-resistant coating bolsters system safety and longevity. The chamber door's popup cushioning explosion-proof mechanism enhances passive safety. Moreover, a double-locked self-checking system and a push-type open-door mechanism facilitate user-friendly operation. An efficient exhaust system enables rapid and safe air-cooled cooling, significantly improving operational efficiency.

220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 8A (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
Microwave frequency
Installed power
Maximum output power
1000W, non-pulse continuous automatic variable frequency control
Turntable design
Load 8 MP-100 closed digestion vessels at same time
Pressure measurement and control system
Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, pressure control range :0-10MPa (1500 psi), accuracy ± 0.01MPa
Temperature measurement and control system
High-precision platinum resistor temperature sensor, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1℃
Outer vessel material
Explosion-proof outer vessel made of aerospace composite fiber
Inner vessel material
TFM material
Chamber exhaust system
High-power anticorrosion axial fan, exhaust speed: 3.1 m3/min
Operating ambient temperature
0-40 ° C
Working environment humidity
Whole physical size
17.7 inches X 20.3 inches X 20.1 inches
Net weight
88.2 lbs.
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