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Coal ASH Analyzer

The ScopeX Coal ASH Analyzer is specifically crafted for analyzing the composition of coal ash in coking businesses. With smart software and top-notch hardware, this analyzer features a broad linear range, speedy analysis, excellent reproducibility, and high accuracy. 

Coal ASH Analyzer finds extensive applications in cement production, iron and steel manufacturing, mineral processing, refractory materials, powder metallurgy, petroleum exploration, logging analysis, rare earth materials, environmental monitoring, non-ferrous metal industries, food processing, agriculture, scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining sectors, and various other fields.

Coal ASH Analyzer
Coal ASH Analyzer

Coal mining, coal washing, coal blending

Coal ASH Analyzer

Coking, coal gasification

Coal ASH Analyzer

Coal power, petrochemical industry

Coal ASH Analyzer

Ore exploration and development, rock, core, rare earth element analysis

Coal ASH Analyzer

Metal alloy analysis, iron and steel smelting

Coal ASH Analyzer

Cement, limestone

High performance configuration

The intelligent vacuum system coupled with low-energy X-rays exhibits strong excitation effects on light elements like Si, P, S, Al, and Mg. XRF technology is capable of analyzing high concentrations of critical elements such as Cr, Ni, and Mo.

A variety of collimator, filter automatic switch

The Coal ASH Analyzer instrument features four types of collimators: 5mm, 3mm, 1mm, and 0.5mm. The software enables automatic switching between collimators and filters, streamlining processes and reducing time and effort. By selecting the right combination of collimator and filter, detection accuracy and sensitivity can be enhanced.

High compatibility of sample

Coal ASH Analyzer featuring a spacious sample chamber, the instrument can effectively detect samples in various forms such as solid, liquid, gas, and film, as well as different shapes including blocks, sheets, and linear configurations. This versatility grants the instrument a high degree of flexibility in sample analysis.

Peltier refrigeration

Coal ASH Analyzer utilizing Peltier electric refrigeration instead of liquid nitrogen reduces the complexity of the device and helps save on manpower and equipment maintenance costs.

Data transmission

Data transmission can be accomplished through various methods, including USB, WiFi, wireless Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies.

Test object
Coal ash, coking coal, raw coal, etc.
Range of element
Sample room size
Sample weight range
Cover open
Mainframe size
Mainframe weight
X-ray tube
High power side window X-ray tube
Up to 50kV
Maximum 1mA
Cooling Method
Air cooling
Sampling Method
Hand sampling, Auto injection
Sample Observation
5 megapixel HD industrial camera
CPU is I3-7100 with the same main frequency or above
DDR4 4 GB memory or above
1TB HDD or 256GB SSD or above
Windows 11
Temperature conditions
Relative humidity
40%-70% (No condensation)
Power supply
220VAC (110V also available)
Rated power
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