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XRF And XRD Analyzers - ScopeX CS Desktop Spectrometer Family

ScopeX CS Desktop Spectrometer Family

Introducing the ScopeX CS Desktop Spectrometer Family, a cutting-edge range of spectrometers designed for high-precision analysis. These spectrometers feature advanced technology, including low-energy X-ray and intelligent vacuum systems, ensuring accurate detection of various elements. With options like Peltier electric refrigeration and automatic collimator and filter switching, the devices offer enhanced performance while reducing complexity and maintenance costs. 

The fully enclosed metal chassis and leakage protection switch ensure radiation safety in compliance with international standards. Experience seamless data transmission through USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, and customize test reports effortlessly with options for different file formats and personalization. With ScopeX CS Desktop Spectrometer Family, achieve precise analysis without compromising on quality or safety.

Reduce interference

Reduce spectral interference, thereby improving detection accuracy

Improve sensitivity

More accurate measurement of light elements

Wide range of applications

Suitable for steel, metallurgy and other fields

Product Categories

Coal ASH Analyzer

The ScopeX Coal ASH Analyzer is specifically crafted for analyzing the composition of coal ash in coking businesses. With smart...

Copper Alloy Analyzer

The ScopeX Copper Alloy Special Analyzer, is a spectrometer designed specifically for rapid analysis of copper alloys. It features...

ScopeX benchtop XRF Analyzer with Vacuum

The ScopeX benchtop XRF Analyzer with Vacuum, caters to laboratories seeking high sensitivity and precision in analysis. It...

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