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ScopeX CS Desktop Spectrometer Family - Copper Alloy Analyzer

Copper Alloy Analyzer

The ScopeX Copper Alloy Special Analyzer, is a spectrometer designed specifically for rapid analysis of copper alloys. It features high precision, a wide range of analyzable elements, and quick testing capabilities. This instrument enables swift analysis of copper alloys, serving not only for product quality control but also for new material development, production process monitoring, and waste recycling. 

By providing accurate composition analysis, it aids manufacturers in ensuring that products meet standard requirements, fostering technological advancement, and promoting sustainable development within the copper alloy industry.

The copper alloy industry involves the production and application of materials based on copper, incorporating elements like zinc, tin, aluminum, nickel, etc., to create alloys with specific properties. These alloys are widely utilized across various fields such as electronics, construction, automotive, aerospace, military, machinery manufacturing, and more, owing to their outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties.

As science, technology, and industry advance, the performance demands for copper alloys are increasing, driving continuous material research, development, and process innovation within the copper alloy industry.

Copper Alloy Analyzer
Copper Alloy Analyzer

Recovery and sorting of waste copper alloy

Copper Alloy Analyzer

Quality control and assurance of copper alloy

Copper Alloy Analyzer

Identification of copper alloy raw material/grades

Data transmission

Data transmission can be accomplished through various methods, including USB, WiFi, wireless Bluetooth, and other wireless communication technologies.

A variety of collimator, filter automatic switch

The instrument offers four types of collimators: 5mm, 3mm, 1mm, and 0.5mm. The software enables automatic switching between collimators and filters, which saves time and effort. By selecting the appropriate collimator and filter combination, detection accuracy and sensitivity can be enhanced.


Users have the flexibility to save the file in formats such as Excel, PDF, and others. They can also customize the test report to include company logos, spectral spectra, and other relevant sample information.


The device features a fully enclosed metal chassis and a leakage protection switch, offering a more scientifically designed setup. The coordination between hardware and software ensures seamless mechanical and electrical integration. Additionally, radiation safety measures comply with international standards.

Range of element
Sample room size
Maximum sample weight
Cover open
Mainframe size
X-ray tube
High power side window X-ray tube,50W, pipe pressure pipe flow can be adjusted freely, W/Ag/Rh target (optional)
Up to 50kV
Maximum 1mA
Cooling Method
Air cooling
Sample Observation
5 megapixel HD industrial camera
is I3-7100 with the same main frequency or above
DDR4 4 GB memory or above
1TB HDD or 256GB SSD or above
Windows 11
Temperature conditions
Relative humidity
40%-70% (No condensation)
Power supply
220VAC (110V also available)
Rated power
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