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Cutting Mills - Cross Beater Mill CB100

Cross Beater Mill CB100

Feed size:≤25mm

Final fineness:0.1-20mm


The Cross Beater Mill CB100 is designed for materials with a moderate hardness and brittleness. It is versatile, capable of both batch processing and continuous grinding for coarse and fine crushing applications.

The Cross Beater Mill CB100can handle moderately hard and brittle materials with a hardness rating of up to 6 on the Mohs scale, including materials like ore, coke, minerals, ceramics, slag, gravel, soil, cement, and more.

Cross Beater Mill CB100

Working Principle

The CB100 pulverizes samples by utilizing a combination of beating and impacting actions. The sample is introduced into the center of the chamber via the hopper. Within the chamber, the sample is crushed as it comes into contact with the impact plate and the gear within the embedded components. Once the sample size is reduced to smaller than the pore size of the sieve, it is directed into the receiving container. Additionally, the beater rotor draws a significant amount of air through the hopper channel, thereby increasing the speed at which the crushed sample is expelled from the crushing chamber.

Cross Beater Mill CB100

Rotor for Cross Beater Mill CB100, mainly used for crushing soil, coal, slag, glass,etc

We also offer rotors and sieves crafted from specialized materials to ensure crushing without the presence of heavy metals.

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- It can be securely fixed to the floor or equipped with casters for easy mobility.
- High safety performance with quick-locking and motor braking mechanisms.
- Rapid grinding process with minimal heat generation.
- Sample size control through the use of different-sized bottom sieves.
- Continuous processing of a large sample volume, from a few kilograms to several hundred kilograms per hour.
- CB100 can be paired with a small sample receiver and cyclone separator for convenient sample collection, chamber cleaning, and heat reduction.
- Automatic feeding is possible by connecting a vibratory feeder VF200.
- Easy cleaning facilitated by exchangeable push-fit grinding sieves and rotors.

Connect cyclone separator, small volume sample receiver

When Cross Beater Mill CB100 is paired with a cyclone separator, it becomes ideal for processing light or small-volume samples. The addition of a cyclone separator expands the capabilities of the Cross Beater Mill. This not only effectively resolves heat transfer issues during the grinding process, simplifying the cleaning process, but also enhances the consistency and reproducibility of grinding results.

Feed size
Final fineness
Collector capacity
Peripheral speed
Grinding chamber material
stainless steel, 1.1740 steel, hardened steel
Rated power
Power supply
220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Instrument size
Package size
Net weight
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