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Cutting Mills - Cutting Mill CM200

Cutting Mill CM200

Feed size:<60*80mm

Final fineness:0.1-20mm

Time setting:0~999min

The Cutting Mill CM200 is an ideal machine for preparing samples for heavy-metal-free RoHS and WEEE tests. It is commonly employed to process solid samples either in batches or continuously. When dealing with long fiber and large-volume samples, it can process them directly without requiring pre-crushing.

- Application Fields: Electronics, Environment, Cement, Agriculture, etc.
- Typical Samples: Rubber, Plastics, Garbage, Circuit Boards, Wood, Cardboard, Paper, Spices, Straw, Leather, Raw Materials, Bones, Animal Feed, Cables, Plastic, Electronic Waste, Non-Metallic Waste, Grains, Lignite, Peat.

Working Principle

The cutting mill operates by applying robust cutting and shearing forces to the sample. The sample enters the cutting chamber through the hopper and undergoes shredding as it passes between rotating and fixed knives. Once it has passed through an attached sieve, it becomes the ground product collected in a bucket.

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- Effective size reduction, even for heterogeneous mixtures.
- Adjustable speed ranging from 500 to 3000 rpm, with continuous adjustment.
- Final fineness depends on the bottom sieve.
- Suitable for temperature-sensitive samples due to quick and low-heat milling.
- Offers a wide range of collection systems to meet various requirements.
- Equipped with a large touchscreen panel for user-friendly interface and speed adjustment.
- Simple and safe operation of the CM series.
- An electric safety switch prevents the device from starting when the door is open.
- Easy removal and re-installation of the rotating knife, bottom sieve, and hopper for convenient cleaning of the grinding chamber.

Feed size
Final fineness
6-disc rotor, standard rotor
Rated power
Power supply
380V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Instrument size(W*D*H)
Package size(W*D*H)
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