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Disintegration Tester - Disintegration Tester - 2 Stations - TTDISINTGRA Series

TTdisintgra -2IIIsp / TTdisintgra -2I / TTdisintgra -2IIi Complies with USP, IP, Ph and Eur specifications

Disintegration testers are used to test how a drug in pellet form will disintegrate in solution. The machine permits researchers and medical practitioners to analyze the in vitro breakdown of powdered compounds for quality control purposes. Torontech’s Bathless Disintegration Tester uses three baskets which are slowly moved up and down in a water bath at a various temperature range from 20°C to 39.9°C or from 15°C to 40°C. Tablets are placed in the disintegration tester baskets and the time taken for them to disintegrate is recorded.

Also, disintegration testers can be used for pass/fail tests to see if the tablet will dissolve fully, if at all. Simple apparatus like disintegration testers should be judged by their relative compactness, the quality and precision of their temperature control systems, and whether or not they can automatically report results.

TTdisintgra-2IIIsp / TTdisintgra-2IIIsp-SS 2-Station Semi-Automatic Disintegration Tester with Park out

  • Complies with USP, IP, BP and Ph. Eur. specifications
  • Bathless heating saves time, electricity and water, also maintenance free
  • Quick heating of media attains media temperature 30% faster as compared to disintegration tester with bath
  • Bathless disintegration tester enhances visual observation
  • Individual heating of beakers facilitates testing of products at two different temperatures
  • Offers disintegration time registration for individual tablets
  • Green illumination from bottom for active arm offers better visibility of disintegration process
  • Individual motor and timer with external temperature probe for each basket
  • Ergonomically designed and magnetically coupled basket for easy loading
  • Basket park-out from beaker on test completion
  • 2 level user security, 20 different users can login
  • Print report of test results
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scan TTdisintgra-2I / TTdisintgra-2I-SS 2-Station Disintegration Tester TTdisintgra-2IIi / TTdisintgra-2IIi-SS 2 Station Disintegration Tester with Independent control

  • Bathless heating saves: time, electricity and water
  • Quick heating of media attains media temperature 50% faster as compared to disintegration tester with bath
  • Bathless disintegration tester enhances visual observation
  • Parking of baskets at the top position at the end of the test with an alarm
  • Two individual sensors measure beaker temperature
  • Green illumination from bottom for better visibility of disintegration process
  • Programmable timer with dual range in min-sec, hrs-min and in continuous mode
  • Snap-click loading and a swivel free basket movement
  • Maintenance free smooth drive
  • Suitable for veterinary tablets and support for bolus basket
  • Model
    TTdisintgra-2IIIsp / SS
    TTdisintgra-2I / SS
    TTdisintgra-2Iii / SS
    No. of Stations
    No. of Strokes
    30 ± 0.5 strokes/min
    2 nos. each carrying 6 test position (dimensions as per atest USP)
    Stroke Height
    55 mm ± 2 mm
    No. of stokes
    30 +0.5 strokes/min
    30 +1 stroke/minute
    30 +0.5 strokes/min
    Controlled Temperature Range
    15℃ to 40℃
    20℃ to 39.9℃
    Temperature Resolution
    ± 0.2℃
    ± 0.1℃
    Range: 1 sec to 23 hrs 59 min 59 sec
    Range 1: 1 sec to 99 min and 59 sec Range 2: 1 min to 9 hrs 59 min Timer resolution: Range 1- 1 sec : Range 2- 1 min
    20 × 4 LCD
    4 digit Led
    Single shaft 6V DC motor 10 kg cm torque (2 nos.)
    DC stepper motor of 6V DC and 3.5 kg cm torque
    Printer Interface
    Centronics parallel port
    No. of Motors
    Green Light
    360 × 372 × 570 mm
    350 × 390 × 510 mm
    Net Weight
    Gross Weight
    Standard Configurations

    TTdisintgra-2IIIsp / SS:

    1000 ml glass beaker  ×2

    • 6 tube basket assembly  ×2
    • Guided disc  ×12
    • External probe with clamp  ×2
    • Keyboard  ×1

    TTdisintgra-2I / SS or TTdisintgra-2Iii / SS:

    • Glass beaker  ×2
    • 6 tube basket assembly  ×2
    • Guided disc  ×12
    • External probe  ×1
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    2 Station Semi Automatic Park Out EDI-2SA

  • Complies with USP, IP, and Ph. Eur. specifications
  • Utilizes bathless heating, which conserves water, time, and electricity
  • The bathless disintegration tester is maintenance-free
  • Specifically designed efficient heater plates for the vessel, ensuring rapid media heating
  • Allows for easy removal of the basket from the beaker
  • Registers the disintegration time of individual tablets
  • Capable of printing test results and validation information
  • Equipped with individual motors and timers, each with an external probe for every basket
  • Uses magnetically coupled baskets for effortless loading
  • Supports up to 20 different users with login protocols
  • Offers a Date & Time Lock Facility for added security and data tracking.
  • Model
    1000 ml glass beakers (2 nos.)
    2 nos. each carrying 6 test positions (dimensions as per latest USP)
    Guided disc
    Perforated cylindrical disc 6 nos. in each basket (dimensions as per latest USP)
    Printer interface
    Centronics Serial port
    20 x 4 LCD
    Single shaft 6V DC motor 10 kg cm torque (2 nos.)
    Green LED
    Power supply
    230 V AC, 50 Hz, 490 VA (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    No. of strokes
    30 ±0.5 strokes/min
    Stroke height
    55 mm ±2 mm
    Readable temperature range
    10° C to 45° C
    Controlled temperature range
    15° C to 40° C
    Temperature resolution
    ±0.2° C
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    360 x 372 x 570 mm
    Weight Net
    25 kgs, Gross 30 kgs
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