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Biofuels Testing Equipment - Full Automatic Pour Point Tester

Full Automatic Pour Point Tester

Full Automatic Pour Point Tester TT-97Z

Full Automatic Pour Point Tester TT-97Z conforms to the ASTM D97 Standard Test Method for Pour Point of Petroleum Products. 

The pour point of a petroleum specimen indicates the lowest temperature at which it remains useful for certain applications. This tester is suitable for determining the pour point of dark oil products, crude oil, and other transparent or semitransparent petroleum products.

1. 7-inch touch screen for intuitive operation and effective human-computer communication.

2. Utilizes a German Danfoss compressor cooling system for rapid and stable cooling performance.

3. Equipped with imported photoelectric sensors to accurately detect sample fluidity, ensuring reliable results.

4. Features an imported high-precision temperature control module paired with a high-grade temperature sensor for accurate temperature measurement and minimal error.

5. The rotational structure design simplifies the working operation and enhances aesthetic appeal.

6. Offers two sample stations, allowing for simultaneous testing of two samples.

7. The main host is controlled by a microprocessor, enabling automatic cooling, lifting of test tubes, rotation, fluidity testing, result identification, recording, printing, and automatic shutdown after testing.

1. Applicable Standard: ASTM D97

2. Temperature Range: Ambient to -70℃

3. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃

4. Cooling Mode: Utilizes an imported compound compressor.

5. Detection Mode: Utilizes a photoelectric sensor.

6. Cooling Rate: 17℃ per 300 seconds.

7. Test Units: 2

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