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Diesel Testing Equipment - Fully Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester(CFPP)

Fully Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester(CFPP)

Fully Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester(CFPP) TT-6371

Fully Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester (CFPP) TT-6371 complies with the national standard SH/T 0248 and ASTM D6371. 

It utilizes modern advanced technology, including mechanical, optical, electronic, and computer technology, to automatically test the cold filter plugging point of petroleum products. The automatic cold filter plugging point analyzer uses optical detection technology, while an imported compressor refrigeration system ensures the necessary refrigeration depth. With its reasonable structure, stable performance, and simple operation, the automatic cold filter plugging point tester is the ideal detection equipment.

1. The equipment features a high degree of automation, featuring automatic cooling, sample aspiration, detection, and result saving. The entire test process occurs without human intervention.

2. The instrument is equipped with two experimental units, allowing for parallel testing or single-group detection.

3. Utilizing automation control technology, the instrument offers a user-friendly interface and photoelectric automatic detection.

4. With its integrated design, the instrument mitigates damage from floe vibration and impact, ensuring accurate test data.

5. Incorporating a photoelectric liquid level sensor, the instrument accurately detects the horizontal surface position, enabling precise judgment of the cold filter plugging point.

6. Equipped with a built-in vacuum pump and electronic precision pressure balance system, the instrument ensures automatic balancing of suction filtration pressure at the set value.

7. The instrument automatically controls the cooling medium and maintains a stable temperature difference between the sample being tested, ensuring controlled and uniform cooling rates.

1. Temperature measuring range: -45 to 50°C; resolution 0.1°C

2. Pressure measuring range: 0 to 200.0KPa; resolution 1Pa

3. Test samples: 2-way

4. Temperature measurement element: PT100

5. Detection method: photo detector

6. Refrigeration: Refrigeration Compressors

7. Control mode: single-chip control

8. Ambient temperature: 10 to 35°C

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