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Torontech Offers Advanced Solutions for Covid-19 Mask: Gloves Disposal

At Torontech, we are working hard with our partners and customers to fight against COVID-19 and its aftereffects. This pandemic forces us to social distance and wear surgical masks and disposable gloves for safety.

For this reason, millions of surgical masks and gloves are used every day and disposed of after use, not only in hospitals – the front line against the virus – but also by all of us.

Therefore, disposal of used COVID-19 masks and gloves is a major issue because this waste may be potentially hazardous, therefore common guidelines should be shared for their safe recycling (if possible) or destruction.

Torontech offers a series of industrial shredders for hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical waste in compliance with environmental issues, learn more here.

We stand for active environmental protection and for robust size-reduction technology “Made in Canada”. Our machines truly lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

Please contact us for more information on disposal of used COVID-19 masks and gloves and extensive range of Healthcare and Medical instrument.

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